Live-action version of ‘ONE PIECE’ viewer ratings are at the highest level in Netflix history.

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Netflix’s live-action drama “ONE PIECE ” based on the classic manga and anime, was praised as a good work that defied people’s expectations immediately after its release. Still, the time has passed for some passionate fans to give it high praise all at once.

It was unclear whether the same high ratings could be maintained. And now, the number of reviews by general viewers on the criticism site Rotten Tomatoes has reached 10,000. It surpassed most Netflix titles’ final number of studies in just a few days. Moreover, it has an average score of 95%, higher than 83% of critic reviews (which are also positive).

This viewership score is the highest ever for a Netflix work. Considering how difficult it is to maintain a high score as the number of reviews increases, this may be the highest rating ever. Significant works with higher scores include “HEARTSTOPPER” and “Sister Senshi.” “Heartstopper” has an audience score of 96% for two seasons but only about 3,500 reviews.

“Sister Warrior” also has a 97% rating for two seasons. Still, many reviews were from fans en masse trying to prevent the show from being canceled (although it ultimately escaped the cancellation, the sequel is still in its infancy). (I don’t know if it will be available on Netflix). Still, it never got more than 10,000 reviews. The viewer score is higher for “ONE PIECE” compared to dramas representing Netflix.

“The Babysitter’s Club” received a 100% rating from critics, but it was still canceled. The audience score for the film was 80%. ” Stranger Things, ” the most popular Netflix drama in the United States, has an audience score of 90%. Wednesday is 85%, and Netflix’s biggest hit, Squid Game, is 84%. You know what I mean. Looking at the overall score and number of reviews for dramas, it is a fantastic feat that “ONE PIECE” has collected 10,000 reviews from viewers in just a few days and maintained a score of 95%.

Netflix doesn’t decide to continue a drama based on reviews, and while viewing numbers are essential, it’s still better if the ratings are good. With popular shows like Stranger Things ending and no plans for a second season of Squid Game, Netflix is ​​probably looking for its next flagship show. ONE PIECE, which has an infinite number of materials that can be used and is highly praised by its already huge fan base, is perfect. The future looks bright for the film.

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