‘Opus.COLORs’ Episode 1 Youth Art Story Begins!

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The first episode of the original TV animation “Opus.COLORs”, which will start broadcasting on Thursday, April 6, 2023, has been released.

“Opus.COLORs” is an original animation work based on a fictitious art called “immersive digital painting ‘perception art’ that directly affects the viewer’s senses.”

Rin Hinata, the original drafter of “Star-Myu,” is in charge of planning and drafting, and many of the staff members are “Star-Myu” members.

The first episode will broadcast on OKYO MX and BS11 from 24:00 on Thursday, April 6.

Kazuya Tsukimi, who enrolled in Eakane High School’s Perception Art Department, reunites with his estranged childhood friend Hibiki Tanase.

Kazuya wishes to return to his original friendship with Hibiki, but Hibiki treats him coolly.

On the other hand, the Generals are “pairing” for the Staircase competition.

Candidates for Staircaser are full of excellent people. What kind of pair will you make this year?

Screenplay: Sayaka Harada/Storyboard/Director: Shunsuke Tada/Chief drawing director: Asami Watanabe/Drawing directors: Daisuke Endo, Miho Imoto, Asumi Adachi, Mutsumi Sasaki

In addition, to commemorate the broadcast of the TV anime “Opus.COLORs”, a Twitter posting campaign will be held weekly to win a cast autographed script!

The campaign will be held weekly along with the latest episode broadcast, so don’t miss it!

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