Speaking of characters that look good with the ‘sea’? 3rd place ‘Detective Conan’ Ai Haibara, 2nd place ‘Touhou Project’ Mizumitsu Murasa, 1st place ‘One Piece’ Luffy

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Marine Day in 2023 is July 17th. Marine Day is a national holiday that has been in effect since 1996 and is set on the third Monday of July.

Many characters in anime look good in the sea. There are various reasons, such as being an excellent swimmer, playing an active part in sea bathing episodes, and going out every time a great voyage occurs. Anime there! Animation! Then, we conducted an annual reader survey asking, “Which character would suit the ‘sea’ best?” We received responses from 146 people during the June 30th to July 7th survey period.

The male-female ratio is about 30% male and about 70% female, with more females. The age group was mainly young, with about 45% under 19 and about 35% in their 20s. Captain character is one-two! 1st Place went to Monkey D. Luffy from “One Piece.” His approval rating is about 21%, and has been in the top two years. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, says, “I will become the Pirate King!!!!” the main character of a marine adventure manga that crosses many seas.

The straw hat entrusted to Shanks, the pirate I admired, looks good with the sea.” From August 31st, the live-action drama version will be distributed on Netflix. It has also been decided that the anime’s voice actors will serve as dubbing casts and new developments are exciting. 2nd Place goes to Mimitsu Murasa from “Touhou Project.” Her approval rating is about 10%, a big jump from last year’s tied 11th Place. Murasa Mizumitsu is the captain of a ghost ship. Readers commented, “FunayĹ«rei can cause water accidents.

They live in Myouren Temple, a specter temple called Myourenji, and although they don’t look much different from humans, they fight by swinging a large anchor.” It suits her well. The sailor mark on her hat is cute!” The result was that the captain character decided one-two. 3rd Place went to Ai Haibara from “Detective Conan.”

With an approval rating of around 6 percent, she moved from last year’s unranked to the top three. Haibara Ai is a former member of the Black Organization. She took medicine and became a child, now living with Dr. Agasa.

The reason for her ranking is the movie “Detective Conan Black Iron Shadow” released this year. “The stage of the story is Interpol’s facility Pacific Buoy floating in the ocean. Ai-chan’s true identity might be revealed to the black organization… the story is heart-pounding! Mr. Amuro and Mr. Akai also appeared, and it was a work suitable for the ocean battle royal mystery.” She holds the key to the story. Some readers commented on her visuals and personality: “She has blue eyes and is a cool girl, so I think she suits the cool impression of the ocean.”

Introducing other comments! To Josuke Tsunakai from “Inazuma Eleven,” “Although he’s a novice at soccer, he’s a master surfer with excellent physical abilities.” You can see how deep his heart is from his habit of saying. ” For Minato Takahashi from “KING OF PRISM,” “He’s like an older brother to Prism Star Training School Edelrose, and the best match is the copy ‘Heart is a big Pacific Ocean’! There’s no other man who looks better in the ocean than him!! Izuku Midoriya from “My Hero Academia” said, “In the ED animations’ HEROS’ and ‘Long Hope Philia,’ there is a scene where they run across the sandy beach of the sea. Kaihin Park trained with All Might to pick up trash. It’s also a place of memories, so it’s heart-warming!” For Kaimu Kitagawa from “That dress-up doll is in Love” “My name is Marine, ” there are many scenes where the sea glitters beautifully, such as the sea date in episode 8 and the final. Swim.

The scene where she says she likes the sea, even though she doesn’t have one, remains in my heart.” In the 2023 version, the captain character has decided on one-two. This time, a wide range of characters were voted for, so it was a big battle with 15 characters lined up for 8th Place at the same rate.

Ranking Top 5 [Which character suits the sea? 2023 edition] 1st Monkey D. Luffy “One Piece” 2nd Mitsuru Murasa “Touhou Project” 3rd Ai Haibara “Detective Conan” 4th Josuke Tsunami “Inazuma Eleven” 4th Kanan Matsuura “Love Live! Sunshine!! (Response period: June 30th to July 7th, 2023)

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