An anime work with a voice of ‘I like it before the remake.’ The popular character ‘sex change’ is controversial.

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Is the “ultimate body” coming out too soon?

It is not uncommon for old anime works to be newly broadcast as “remake versions.” Different expectations are gathered, such as watching your favorite anime again with beautiful images and visualizing episodes that were not animated in the old work. Still, there are also remake pieces that sometimes cause discussions among fans.

First of all, “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal” was mentioned. Since the original manga is faithfully reproduced, the character settings and story are slightly different from the early “Sailor Moon” that incorporated “original elements.”

Among them, “drawing” and “voice actor” were the ones that caused ripples among the fans. The visuals of the characters have been redesigned, and the voice actors have changed except for Kotono Mitsuishi (role of Usagi Tsukino). People who knew the old work said, “The atmosphere of the drawing is so different that I can’t accept it …” “I didn’t want anyone to change the voice actor.”

Also, “Digimon Adventure:” which was broadcast from April 2020 to September 2021, is a work that has both pros and cons. However, the characters that appeared were the same as the original “Digimon Adventure,” there were still differences in the story and settings. For example, in the second episode, “War Game,” the ultimate “Omegamon” suddenly appeared. With the emergence of the strongest Digimon, which can be said to be the “final form of evolution,” comments such as “I was confused because it came out too early …” and “Is it the climax for the second episode?”

In other remake version animations, “Since the old work of” HUNTER x HUNTER “had many original episodes, the remake version is not enough.” There were also voices such as “It was.”

The fact that Andromeda Shun, in the remake version of “Knights of the Zodiac,” distributed worldwide on Netflix, has become a female has been discussed since the beginning of the announcement. It seems that the gender changed not because of the arrangement in the production but because of “adult circumstances.” There is no point in remaking it just by making it the same as the old work, but it is also a fact that fans will be confused if there is a change too boldly. It’s a problematic point of anime remakes.

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