‘Pokemon’ new animation released on YouTube!

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The new animation of “Pokemon” “Wait! ” Magikarp ” is released on the official YouTube channel “Pokemon Kids TV.” This work was produced by Studio Colorido, which is known for the original web animation “Pokemon Tsubasa” of “Pocket Monster Sword Shield” and the movie “Penguin Highway” as the fourth in the “POKETOON” series.

“Wait! “Magikarp” is a new work that depicts the bond between Pokemon and a boy, set in the “Custody Shop,” a facility that keeps Pokemon. Errol Cedric is in charge of the director and character design. The animation features a watercolor-like touch and a silent story with only music, and the emotional movements are richly expressed.

The “POKETOON” series will continue to have various tastes such as “Poka Poka Slugma House” and “I’ve become a Gengar !?”The animation will be released. Director: Errol Cedric I love animals, so it’s regrettable to imagine that the owner and pet will be separated. Pokemon is different from pets, but when I first read the script, I realized again that it was just as sad that my partner was separated. Magikarp, who waits while expecting Rikuo to come back, is pitiful. Magikarp is always expressionless, but I’m sure he was sad.

I didn’t push that sadness firmly because I wanted to make it bright work, but the loneliness of Pokemon and the children was one of the things I wanted to convey. Still, Magikarp dances vigorously, and Rikuo reassuringly plays the recorder. After all, I’m happy when I make more friends! Because I’m not alone.

Staff Director, Character Design: Errol Cedric Screenplay: Tomohiko Kimu acoustic Director: Masafumi Mima
Music: Yuri Habuka

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