TOHO animation of ‘Jujutsu Kaisen,’ a vast burial mound of an unknown burial person in a residential area of Kobe city, has been converted into an anime MV.

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Toho’s anime label, TOHO animation, which produced topical works such as “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “My Hero Academia,” announced an anime music video project to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its establishment.

As a “story born from the region,” he produced a music video (MV) that combines animation and music. As the first step, “Wonderism: The Voice Calling You” -Kobe Goshikizuka Tumulus Anime MV Project-set in the vast ruins of Goshikizuka Tumulus in Tarumi Ward, Kobe City, will be held in March. WEB will be released, too.

The Goshikizuka Tumulus is a huge front and rear burial mound with 194 meters and an unknown burial person. Many mysteries remain in its origins, and it is a vast ancient burial mound that faces the sea and residential areas. The ruins that suddenly appeared from space-time distortion will be produced as a science fiction fantasy work.

Katsuhiro Takei worked on topical works such as “Land of the Lustrous” and “BNA BNA.” While working at the Toho Kansai branch office for two years from 2011, he revealed that the existence of the Goshikizuka Tumulus was “embarrassingly unknown.” The burial mound, whose burial person is unknown, is said to be motivated to produce, saying, “It is said that there is still an unknown area left in this known and overflowing world. Isn’t it exciting at all?”

The story transmitted by MV matches the era of SNS’s heyday. Up-and-coming artists attracting attention from TOHO animation have joined the production team.

Animator Shino is in charge of the original draft of the animation and the concept design. The song is a new song, “Wonderism,” written by HOWL BE QUIET, a 4-member piano rock band from Kanagawa prefecture.

HOWL BE QUIET says, “I can put out a song like this as soon as 2022 starts. And that song can be put out in a wonderful form called” Anime MV “created together with Toho and Kobe City. This year, HOWL BE QUIET is also a vow to run, so please look forward to it. And I hope it will become a theme song for the locals of Kobe City and will be loved for a long time. ” Announced comments.

Producer Takei announced a strange work that overturned the image of Kobe, saying, “The keyword is encounters of the unknown’. We aim to be an exciting royal road adventure movie that has long been unseen in Japanese animation.”

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