The 26th movie version of the animated movie ‘Detective Conan’ will be released in GW in 2023, and Ai Haibara is in a desperate situation?!

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The 26th movie series, the latest work of the animated movie “Detective Conan,” will be released in 2023.

The 26th film of Detective Conan theatrical version will be released in GW in 2023

“Detective Conan” is a constant stream of hot news, with the manga by author Gosho Aoyama reaching 102 volumes already published and the TV anime series surpassing 1,000 broadcasts. Furthermore, the 25th movie, ” Detective Conan: His Halloween Bride, “which was released in April 2022, achieved the number one performance in the movie series, and its momentum is unstoppable.

In the latest work, Ai Haibara is in a desperate situation?!

In the 26th installment of the latest “Detective Conan” movie series, which will be released in Golden Week in 2023, Ai Haibara is in a desperate situation. Ai Haibara has three names: “Sherry,” an organization in black, and “Shiho Miyano,” whose sister was killed by such an organization. And “Ai Haibara,” who met Conan after escaping from the organization. It is a character that boasts tremendous popularity even in the original work it has.

In the latest movie series, the 26th movie, there is a scene where Ai Haibara sinks into the water. ! What is the danger approaching Haibara?

What does the “black” in the title mean?
Also, the title of the latest work has not been announced, but only a part has been revealed, and the beginning is “black.” What does this “black” mean? Stay tuned for more news.

Animation movie “Detective Conan” The latest work in the movie series, the 26th work
Release date: 2023 GW
Original: Gosho Aoyama “Detective Conan” (serialized in Shogakukan “Weekly Shonen Sunday”)
Voice appearance: Takayama Minami, Wakana Yamazaki, Rikiya Koyama
Production: Shogakukan/Yomiuri TV/Nippon TV/ShoPro/Toho/Toms Entertainment Distribution: Toho

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