‘Pokemon’ Nyaoha is caught! , spends his time at his own pace in a hideout

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The synopsis and scene cuts of episode 3 of the new series of the popular anime “Pocket Monsters” (official abbreviation: Anipoke, TV Tokyo, every Friday from 6:55 pm) have been released.

In the 3rd episode, broadcast on the 21st, “If it’s Nyaoha, I’m sure,” the Explorers have kidnaped Nyaoha. Rico decides to take Nyaoha back, and Freed and the others will cooperate. Rico and Freed find the Explorers’ hideout, but Amejio is waiting there…! Will Riko be able to get Nyaoha back?!?

The animation “Pocket Monsters,” which started broadcasting in April 1997, has been published so far. A story aimed at becoming a dream “Pokemon Master” was being developed.

The new series, which has started broadcasting, will change the main characters from Satoshi and Pikachu and will be a story of “finding” something important through the adventures of the double main characters Rico and Roy set in the entire Pokemon world. Rico and Roy go on adventures with many Pokemon, including Nyaoha, Hogeta, and Kwass.

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