‘Golden Kamuy’ Readers who are sick at the end of a specific person.

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In the 17 extra-large issues of “Weekly Young Jump” released on Thursday, March 24, 2022, the 310th episode of “Golden Kamuy” is posted. While the end of Ogata Hyakunosuke was drawn, comments such as “What about that hood?” And “Maybe the hood died …?” Seemed to be endless.

Vasiri, also known as “Hood”, is a sniper of the Russian border garrison who once fought single combat with Ogata. Since he suffered a severe wound on his face in the fight against Ogata, he began to wear a hood to hide the damage.

After that, he casually acted with Sugimoto and others with the desire to take revenge on Ogata, but in episode 300, a person who seems to be Vasiri is shot by Ogata. However, the identity of the person who was shot is not clear, and even if the identity is Vashiri, it is unnatural that the final figure is not drawn.

For that reason, many people on SNS think that they are alive by pretending to be dead, and the re-appearance of Vasiri, such as “Is it the hood that stabs Ogata?” I was expecting it.

Ogata, who was thought to be the trigger for his re-appearance, reached the sad end of “self-determination” in this episode.

Sad voices such as “Is it finally leaving Ogata?” “It’s too shocking” spread on SNS, and “… Is that the hood’s turn?” I imagined that he would kill Ogata, but it was completely different. “

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