‘Pokemon’ Satoshi, one year since becoming world champion. What is the definition of a Pokemon master? The final episode reveals a long-standing mystery.

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Today, November 11, is the anniversary of Satoshi (10), the popular anime “Pokemon” main character, becoming world champion.

In the 132nd episode, broadcast on November 11, 2022, he defeated Dande, the undefeated absolute champion who was the opponent in the finals of the “Pokemon World Championship Ships” tournament to decide the strongest Pokemon battler. Satoshi became the world champion.

Through the anime series that began in 1997, Satoshi became the world champion for the first time in 25 years. Although he achieved the title of “strongest Pokémon battler,” he continued on the path to his dream of becoming a “Pokémon Master.”

The anime “Pokémon” began in 1997. Satoshi grew up in Masala Town in the Kanto region and traveled with his partner Pikachu to become a “Pokémon Master.” He then participated in the “Pokemon League,” a Pokemon battle tournament held in each region, and won the league championship for the first time in 22 years at the “Alola League” (2019) held in the Alola region.

The tournament in which Satoshi became the world champion, “Pokemon World Championship Ships,” is a tournament to determine the strongest Pokemon battlers, including Dande, the undefeated Galar champion, and the world’s most vigorous champion, Shirona, the Sinnoh champion; Daigo, the Hoenn champion, and Kanto.

We have a lineup of trainers with champion class skills in their respective regional leagues, including Johto Champion Wataru, Kalos Champion Carne, Kalos League/Miale Tournament Champion Alain, and Unova Champion Iris.

Among them, Satoshi, the first champion of the Alola League, also made it through the preliminaries and defeated Daigo in the first match and Shirona in the second match to advance to the finals. The final match against Dande began with an entire 6-on-6 battle, and in the end, Dande’s ace Pokemon Charizard and Satoshi’s partner Pikachu clashed, and Satoshi and Pikachu, who used their last strength to fight against each other, defeated Dande and Charizard. , becoming the world’s most muscular Pokemon trainer.

Although Satoshi has become the most muscular trainer in Pokemon battles, he is still halfway to his dream of becoming a master. The profile on the official anime website says, “A 10-year-old boy from Masala Town. He continues his adventures to become a Pokémon Master, his unfulfilled dream.”

Satoshi first mentions this definition of a Pokémon Master in the final episode of the anime, saying, “Being a champion is not the goal. I still think of myself as a challenger,” and “I want to be friends with all the Pokémon in the world. I’m sure that’s what it means to be a Pokémon Master. Pikachu, when I become a Pokémon Master someday, please be there.” When I became friends with Pokémon worldwide, I told them that I would become a Pokémon Master, and for 26 years. The definition was clarified over time.

In addition, the currently airing anime “Pokémon” has changed its main characters from Satoshi to Riko and Roy. Satoshi has not appeared once in the new series, but some fans are saying, “I want to see Satoshi’s adventures again, even if it’s just a movie.”

Satoshi’s Pokemon League (competition) results
Pokemon League Sekiei Tournament Best 16
Johto League Shirogane Tournament Best 8
Hoenn League Saiyuu Tournament Best 8
Sinnoh League Suzuran Tournament Best 4
Unova League Higaki Tournament Best 8
Kalos League Miare Tournament Runner-up
Alola League Champion
Pokémon World Championships Champion

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