J-WAVE announces annual hit chart, 2022 No. 1 theme song of that anime movie

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FM radio station J-WAVE (81.3FM) announced the top 100 songs in the annual chart for 2022 on the 2nd. Ado’s “New Era” won first place.

One thousand two hundred ninety-two songs entered the chart at “J-WAVE NEW YEAR SPECIAL SAISON CARD TOKIO HOT 100 THE ANNUAL COUNT DOWN SLAM JAM 2022.”

They broadcasted on the 2nd of Uta, who sang Ado “New Era” at Nippon Budokan. Announced the top 100. In addition to the airing of all J-WAVE programs, points were calculated for each music streaming service data, download data, CD sales data, video playback count, Twitter tweet count, and more with the cooperation of Billboard JAPAN.

The first place was the theme song Ado “Shinjidai” of the anime movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED. ” 2nd place is the opening song of the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY, “Official HIGE DANdism “Mix Nuts” entered. Below are the 3rd place: 3rd place…Beyonce’s “BREAK MY SOUL” 4th place…Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” 5th place…BE FIRST “Brave Generation” 6th place…Taylor Swift “Anti-Hero” 7th place…Official HIGE DANdism” Subtitle,” 8th place…The 1975 “Happiness,” 9th place…Hikaru Utada “BAD Mode”, 10th place…Lady Gaga’s “Hold My Hand.” For rankings from 11th to 100th, please visit the program’s official website. (Yorozu News Editorial Department)

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