Pokemon short animation “Fubuki no Natsumi” Adventures of boys who meet Snorunt

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A new short animation, “Fubuki no Natsumi,” based on “Pokemon” has been released on Pokemon’s official YouTube channel, “Pokemon Kids TV.”

“Fubuki no Natsumi” is the 7th work in the “POKETOON” series of “Pokemon Kids TV.” One day during the summer vacation, Kino, Riel, and Coupon, who were spending time at a secret base, noticed snowing even though it was summer.

The three set out on an expedition to find out the cause of this incident. With the encounter with Snorunt, the children’s expansion of the world was depicted with a touch like a picture book and a seamless production. The director is Masanobu Hiraoka, a video director who will be the first challenge in the story.

Kawaguchi played Kino, Miyu Ozawa played Riel, Hiroki Ishige played Cupo, and Rikako Aikawa played Snorunt.

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