‘Too sad’ ‘To die in vain’ Characters whose deaths are unacceptable

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Shocking start of heroin death in sequel

The death of a character is an essential element in many stories, such as a heroic end that involves self-sacrifice or a death that catalyzes someone’s growth. However, some characters’ deaths were considered unsatisfactory by readers, even though they were necessary to the story.

Kaori Makimura “City Hunter”

The manga City Hunter”, which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump”, had an attractive gap between comical and hard-boiled developments, and thanks in part to the effects of the anime, it gained great popularity.

The movie is still viral, with City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust” being screened in September 2023. However, the sequel ” Angel Heart”, which began serialization in “Weekly Comic Bunch” in 2001, started with the shocking development that the heroine, Kaori Makimura, had already died. Xiang saves her infant child from being hit by her car and becomes brain-dead, and her heart is transplanted into Xiang Ying, the main character of the film. By having her Kaori’s heart, Koei’s Kaori consciousness resides, and she encounters Ryo, but the heroine of her previous work turns out to be dead before she knows it. It was shocking and caused a massive stir at the time. ”Angel Heart” is also a masterpiece, but it seems that many fans of ”City Hunter” were not satisfied with the story’s setting in the first place.

Dumplings (Chao’s) Dragon Ball” In the popular battle manga Dragon Ball”, many characters die at least once because of the worldview that they can be revived with Dragon Ball. Among them, Gyoza (Chaozu) is the main character with the most deaths, three times, along with Krillin. The most tragic death occurred during the battle with Nappa when Vegeta and his friends attacked Earth. Chiaoz and Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Krillin, and Son Gohan, except Yamcha, who died in Saibaiman’s self-destruction, challenge Nappa. However, when his brother Tenshinhan was cornered by Nappa, who boasted overwhelming fighting power, Gyoza left behind the heartbreaking words, “Goodbye Ten-san…please don’t die…” and detonated himself to take Nappa with him.

However, when a dumpling suicide bomber attacked Nappa, he was only “surprised” and was almost unharmed. Although this was done to emphasize Nappa’s fear, many readers may have felt the same way about the terrible treatment of Gyoza, who also self-destructed, as Saibaiman had taken Yamcha with him in the battle just before.

Bernard Wiseman’s Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket” Many of the anime’sGundam” series are based on war and often depict unreasonable deaths. Many people may remember the painful end of Bernard Wiseman (commonly known as Barney), the main character of the OVA “Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket” released in 1989. Is it? Barney, a pilot for the Zeon forces, infiltrates a space colony within neutral Side 6 to gather information, but his mobile suit breaks down. While repairing it, he develops a friendship with a local boy, Al. When Bernie learns that friendly forces are planning a nuclear attack on Side 6, he takes on the Gundam NT-1 alone to stop the plan. Barney controlled the Zaku II Kai and drove the Gundam NT-1 to the point where it could not fight, but at the same time, the Zaku II Kai’s engine section was pierced, and a massive explosion occurred, killing Barney.

Even though he died, Barney thought he could be the hero who risked his life to save Side 6, but in reality, the nuclear attack was called off before he could begin the battle. Furthermore, the fact that the pilot operating the Gundam NT-1 was Chris, with whom they were attracted to each other, adds to the tragedy.

Nina Tucker Fullmetal Alchemist” The Elric brothers, the main characters of Fullmetal Alchemist”, visits the house of Shou Tucker, who is researching biological transmutation, and there they meet his only daughter, Nina Tucker. I will meet you. Young Nina relieves the loneliness of her father, who is busy with her research, by being with her large pet dog, Alexander. Later, when the Elric brothers revisit Sho Tucker’s house, Sho Tucker tells them he has created an illusion that he can speak human language.

However, when the Elric brothers saw a chimera that spoke, they realized that Nina and the dog Alexander created it. Unable to restore the Chimera, the Elric brothers return home in despair at their powerlessness, and then the Chimera, formerly Nina, is killed along with her father by Scar. Shortly after her first appearance, Nina became tragic, and her mother was once turned into an illusion by her father, so there was no hope for Nina, and the ending left a strong impression of her helplessness.

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