‘Pokémon’ Yuka Terasaki, who plays Roy, the new main character, is feeling the reaction from people around her after half a year.

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An official interview with Yuka Terasaki, who plays the main character Roy, who is appearing in the popular anime `Pokémon” (abbreviation: Anipoke, TV Tokyo, every Friday from 6:55 p.m.), has been released. She talks about her memories of “Pokemon” and how she felt when cast in the movie.

Please tell us how you felt when you were chosen to play the role of Roy, the other main character in the TV anime “Pocket Monsters.”

Satoshi’s presence was so significant that I only knew whether Riko and Roy would be accepted once the broadcast started. Still, I was determined to take responsibility for this role and the work and work hard with Minori Suzuki. I had a lot of enthusiasm. As I began to see the reactions of those around me and the children, I finally realized, “Are they being accepted?”

Speaking of a familiar story, my children always ask me on Thursday, the day before the broadcast, “Is today Dokimeki Diary day!?” and have conversations like “Tomorrow!?” every week. I’m looking forward to the anime. For some reason, I remember Anipoke by the title of the opening theme (lol), but I felt relieved that people were enjoying the new story, and I decided to live this story straight and without wavering. Ta.

Mr. Terasaki, do you have any memories or episodes with “Pokémon”?

Her first encounter with Pokemon was when she appeared as Korni in the TV anime series Pokemon X and Y and was involved in Anipoke for three years. I wasn’t into games because of my generation, but I got to play “Pokémon X and Y” for the first time after appearing in the anime.

We went into the recording process through trial and error to find expressions that could only be achieved through animation while retaining the same amount of enthusiasm that can be experienced in games, and there were many things we learned from watching the backs of our seniors. I am deeply moved by the fact that I was able to utilize the “experience points” I gained from working on “Pokémon X and Y” in other works and then return to Anipoke with even more experience gained.

What “experience points” did you gain at the anime recording site? If you have any stories unique to “Pokémon,” please tell us about them.

Above all, we paid close attention to the expression of their cries to make the Pokémon living in the world of Pokémon look appealing. This is because Pokemon cries require more faithful “hearts.” Why did they make the sound, what did they receive from the other person, and what were they thinking? I felt I couldn’t play a Pokemon unless I understood their emotions more faithfully than humans, so I thought I could hone my acting skills.

In the “X/Y” series, I was in charge of the voice of Onbat, and he was a baby born from an egg, so everything he saw was new to him. I had the impression that “babies = cute,” so I thought I had to act cute, but my senior told me, “Babies don’t cry cutely. They sometimes cry in dirty voices to faithfully convey their desires.” “Isn’t conveying your desires more important than crying cutely?” I was surprised when I received this advice.

From then on, the way I played Onbat completely changed for me. My experience from that time has been put to good use in this series, and I’m also playing the role of a Pokemon in this work, so I’d be happy if you could watch it while feeling the emotions of the Pokemon.

Roy first appeared in episode 4, but from your point of view, is there any change or growth in Roy between the beginning and now?

Roy has always had the same goal of “capturing the black Rayquaza,” so I feel like he has grown a lot when he decides to leave his parents and go on an adventure. That’s why, when we reach Chapter 2, I think we can see “changes” in the battles.

If you look at Roy’s progress from the day he first fought, growing up on an island with no trainers, to the day he fought against the Explorers in the ancient castle of Galar, you can see that his battle skills have improved. As I watched him use the experience he gained as a trainer from gym leaders Corsa and Kabu to learn how to be a trainer and use the experience he gained from special training with Rico and Freed, I wondered what kind of battles he would have in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing if it’s available.

How was your first recording? Also, you met Riko for the first time in episode 4. What was your first impression?

For Roy, this was the first time he saw a child around his age fighting. Nowadays, I feel more like a “friend” of the Rising Voltechers, but at first, I think I felt respect and admiration for them, saying things like “That’s cool!”, “I want to battle like that,” and “Maybe I can do it too.” He was the first person I met who inspired me.

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