‘Pop Team Epic’ Shouta Aoi appears and sings special effects style opening video released.

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The non-top opening video of the first episode of the TV anime “Pop Team Epic 2nd Series” has been released on YouTube.

The opening is a special-effects-style live-action video featuring Shota Aoi, who also appeared in the first season. In addition to Aoi transforming into a hero-style suit and fighting, a mysterious girl wandering around a devastated world and a mysterious organization appearing in a near-future space are shown.

In addition, the opening theme, “Endless Love,” sung by Aoi for the first episode, is distributed on each music distribution site.

In the central part of the anime, as in the first season, the voice actors have been changed for parts A and B based on almost the same images. Kazuhiko Inoue played the role of Popuko, and Ryo Horikawa played the role of Pipimi.

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