The hero manga ‘SHY’ will be made into TV animation. Shino Shimoji will play the role of Shy in the PV release.

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It has been decided that the manga “SHY,” serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion, will be made into TV animation. At the same time, a teaser visual, PV, and cast/staff information has been released, with Shino Shimoji playing the role of the main character, Shai, directed by Masaomi Ando ​​and animated by Eight-bit.

Too cute, girl hero! The “SHY” PV, released to the public in which you can also listen to the voices of the characters, is a coming-of-age story that depicts the growth of a shy girl hero through battles with her friends. In the middle of the 21st century, war disappeared from the earth. The world has changed dramatically due to the sudden appearance of “heroes” who have superhuman powers and wish for peace.

In a world where heroes from all over the world play an active role in maintaining the newly obtained peace, the person responsible for Japan’s peace is a “shy” girl hero, Shy, who is extremely bad at appearing in front of people.

In the teaser visual, the main character, Shy, the representative of Japan, and Teru Momijiyama, a high school student who transforms into Shy, stand side by side, creating a visual that raises expectations for the drama that awaits her.

In addition, in the teaser, PV is a video that shows Shai’s “transformation” from the framed picture of the original comic to animation, along with the lines of Shai, played by Shino Shimoji.

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