The identity of the character that was not in the TV version of Eva’s ‘Mari.’

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Greet depression end soon except for some theater, blockbuster movie “Thin Eva Nigerian theater version.” This work, which closes the curtain of the 26th year of the series, made a mega start while being released on unusual weekdays and Mondays, and many fans made their long-standing feelings “Buddhahood” with tears.

One of them, Naoya Fujita, who was 14 years old when the old movie version was released, thoroughly examined the trajectory of Hideaki Anno’s work after “Evangelion,” “Shin Evangelion Theory.” From the same book, we will deliver a partial excerpt and reconstruction of the story about Makinami Mari Illustrious, a mysterious character who debuted in the new movie version without appearing in the TV anime version and the old movie version.

What is the new character Mali? The unique character Makinami Mari Illustrious will appear in “Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance” from the second movie “: Destruction.” Although it cannot be said that it is so organically involved in the story and the relationship with Shinji, it sticks to Shinji at the end of “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version.” It screams to some “Eva” fans. It is the heroine who caused it.

Immediately after the release of “Shin,” when I went to see the anonymous bulletin board, the “Love Love Asuka Shinji” group, called “LAS,” which imagined a world where Shinji and Asuka would stick together and enjoyed secondary creations, was raging. When I saw that he was creating an unreasonable interpretation and consideration such as “Kensuke and Asuka are not sticking together,” I thought I could show how the heroine named Mali worked. In fact, from the subject of Eva’s criticism of character culture, it’s better to believe that it was intended to dare to hit fans who are overly dependent on characters.

Mali is a character to destroys the “Eva” world. Tsurumaki (Kazuya) testified that Anno gave such an explanation about Mali. It is “‘Destroy the world of Eva by making Mali appear'” and “Mari is a character that symbolizes the subtitle” Destruction ” (“Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Record Complete Works”). When. And although it was hard to decide how to destroy it and what kind of character it was, it seems that many ideas that Tsurumaki said with a light feeling were adopted (a gag called “glasses glasses” by dropping glasses). Or to make your breasts bigger).

At the time of “: Destruction,” Mari explained how to destroy the ” Eva ” world, ” Is it possible to break the relationship of the characters until then by letting Shinji fall asleep? A serious world as a messy gag character Is it to destroy the view? “, Tsurumaki has already stated the ending idea that Shinji and Mari will stick together. It seems that Maaya Sakamoto, who played Mari’s voice, was also directed by Tsurumaki. “Mr. Anno had previously said that Eva’s characters are all herself'(…), and if Mali were to be the same as them, she wouldn’t be able to destroy that kind of world.” ), Says Tsurumaki. In other words, Mali is the symbol of destroying the closed world by including “others” in this work.

However, when it comes to being an outsider who destroys such a world, Anno seems to have followed an entity that knows all the scenarios. Then, the character will look like Zele or Kaworu. “In this direction, you can’t compete with Kaworu without making Mali a metafiction girl who came from outside the story,” Tsurumaki said. The function in the workplace has become similar to that.

Mali tends to be interpreted as being overlapped with Moyoco Anno, so in consideration of the Internet, Mali tends to be construed as being overlapped with Moyoco Anno, the wife of Anno. But isn’t it a bit short-circuited?

Indeed, it may be possible to say that Anno’s own experience of coexisting with others different from his own, which began with his marriage, influenced Mali and the new movie version. Mali is a symbol of self, the outside of self-consciousness, and the other person itself. Her role is close to putting the elements of the live-action films “Shiki-Jitsu” and “Cutie Honey” into “Eva.” Masayuki says, “I wonder if Anno told me that it was like” Shiki-Jitsu ” (same as above). Therefore, I understand that I want to interpret Mali and Moyoco Anno differently, but that is not the case.

“Moyoco Anno AN NORMAL” (2020) is also a catalog of the exhibition commemorating the 30th anniversary of Moyoco Anno’s debut as a cartoonist. Still, as long as you read the message of Anno and the interview with Moyoco Anno himself, It cannot be said that Moyoco Anno is directly similar to Honey or Mali. In the same book, Moyoco Anno frankly says, “I still can’t get a good sense of distance from people” (p294). Because of that, Moyoco Anno seems to be a type who cares too much and works too hard, and in terms of characters in the ” Eva ” world, it is more like a character from an old work such as Asuka than Mali.

The new character, Mali, is animal-like. You can activate “Beast Mode” by maneuvering Eva. Like Honey, she appears while singing “365 step’s march” and emphasizes her chest size. She seems to be the vitality of the body and animals and is the opposite of Shinji and Rei. And, it is an existence that has never existed in the “Eva” world so far. As a result of Tsurumaki’s proposal to introduce “Fumajimesa,” “Ikagensa,” and “Zurusa,” which were not found in the “Eva” world, Anno has output “Showa no Oyaji” characters who say strange gag. It was. “Weirdly awaken to the ego and don’t think, ‘Is this my life okay?’ when I try to draw a character that is the exact opposite of the modern character that Eva once drew, asking herself and continuing to search for answers. “Ni” (“: Complete Records of Destruction”) Tsurumaki speculates that such a character may have appeared.

The treatment of Mali in the script is quite troublesome, but it is clear that it is necessary to dare to put it in the story. It emphasizes the positive aspects of life itself. Speaking of the image memo of “Cutie Honey,” it is a person who does not have the trouble of “bright and smiling etch,” Christian original sin consciousness, and modern self-consciousness. This is a request from Anno). Asuka emphasizes the word “Japanese” in the new movie version, making us imagine that it has a Japanese mythological sense of sexuality and a sense of sexuality.

Mari tells Shinji, “Don’t run away” Mari rebelled against her father and said she wouldn’t ride Eva and appeared in front of Shinji, who ran away and shouted “Don’t ride Eva” to Shinji. The dialogue is a good representation of her character. “Some people are worried about whether or not to ride Eva.” “It’s nothing fun to be so messed up.” At that moment, the screen is full of light and becomes pure white. Mali doesn’t tell Shinji to ride Eva but rather “run away.” Isn’t it the first character in the “Eva” world to affirm to escape?

Mali is a character that symbolizes affirmation of life, humans, body, and desires. Speaking of characters, Kamochi also invites Shinji to show the aquarium and asks him to mess with the soil to close to that side. Mali is a character that symbolizes that the new movie version has a very different idea from the TV version, and as a completely separate existence from the forces that desire a Gendou-like “geometric and clean” world image, the “Eva” world Appeared in. Another big striking difference in “: Break” is the metal scene. For example, there is a depiction of Shinji offering a lunch box to stop the fight between Asuka and Touji. It’s like “Oishinbo” or “Cooking Papa.”

Asuka preaches to Rei that “creatures eat and live,” so don’t leave your lunch. Hikari’s father makes a similar claim to Shinji, who did not eat in the third village of “Shin.” Here is a new idea in the “Eva” world. Ray studies cooking and try to hold a dinner party to make Gendou and Shinji get along. Asuka also tries to cook against her but finds out that Rei’s motive is to ask Gendou and Shinji to “warm-up” and cooperate with her plan. Knowing that the start-up experiment of Eva Unit 3 was the day of the dinner party, he secretly volunteered as a test pilot so as not to destroy it. Rei Ayanami, who was a symbol of rejecting others, has begun to have a sense of humanity, emotions, and love, and Asuka is not as hostile as it used to be but is considerate. Ayanami even made a thank-you phone call to Asuka. Furthermore, I will say hello every day. It seems that Ayanami is showing the process of development that brings sociality.

The existence of Anno’s wife has a lot to do with this change in the new movie version. Anno was an extremely unbalanced diet and was not very interested in diet. He says that changed with marriage. “My wife’s influence is great. Thanks to her, I’ve changed a little. That’s why I tried to increase the weight of the meal” (“: Complete Record Collection”). The subject of this diet is not an inorganic and abstract direction but a manifestation of the idea of ​​trying to admit that it exists in this world with a substantial body.

Moyoco Anno, who rebuilt Hideaki Anno, was mentally dangerous. According to Moyoco Anno’s “Insufficient Direction,” Anno was mentally damaging when he met Anno, and his life was disturbed. It was Yasuno who rebuilt it. Marriage is a communal life with a foreign person. I also sympathize with it, but when it comes to living together with someone other than yourself, the key is to tolerate that heterogeneity. You can’t do what you want. There is no such thing as an ideal partner in this world. There must be something that everyone else dislikes. I would be the same for other people.

You can’t get married if you think you’re not going to get married unless you’re the ideal partner. Rather than seeking someone who doesn’t exist globally, accept, tolerate, and endure the person who has a natural body. Such love is needed, which is different from the conceptualized love in Platonic love. Such a sense of coexistence with others is probably reflected in the new movie version’s content and method. And that element goes straight to the inner dew of Gendou depicted in “Shin.”

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