‘POP UP PARADE Nanachi’ figure from ‘Made in Abyss Retsuhi no Koganekyo’ starts shipping today.

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Good Smile Company will start shipping the figure “POP UP PARADE Nanachi” from March 14th. The price is 4,800 yen.

This product is a three-dimensional figure of the character “Nanachi” that appears in the anime ” Made in Abyss Retsuji no Kogongo” in the figure “POP UP PARADE” series. Nanachi was originally a human, but due to Bondold’s research, he and his best friend Mitty were cursed by the sixth layer, resulting in his current appearance covered in fluffy fur.

The figure reproduces the fluffy atmosphere in the play, and his hat and fur are also finely sculpted. The total height is about 170mm. A unique pedestal is included.

Akihito Tsukushi /Takeshobo/Made in Abyss “Golden Land of Rising Sun” Production Committee The photos shown may differ slightly from the actual product. Since the coloring process of the development is done manually, there are some differences between each product. Please note. The pedestal is a prototype. It may differ from the actual product. The release date may change depending on the distribution.

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