TV anime ‘Ishura’, Romi Park as Taren and Soichiro Hoshi as Dakai

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Additional cast information has been released from “Ishura,” which has been decided to be made into a TV animation. It has been revealed that Romi Park will play the role of Taren, the self-proclaimed demon king who rules the New Principality of Litia, and Soichiro Hoshi will play the role of Taren’s right-hand man, Dakai, from another world.

Guardian Taren cv. Park Romi
“I trample on all who stand against me. That’s the power of fear. ” He was the 23rd general of the former Twenty-Nine Officials of Huangdu. Upon the death of the “real demon king,” he made his territory independent and rebelled against Huangdu. As he prepares for war with Huang Du, he collects powerful pawns.

The role of the security guard Taren: Comment from Park Romi
The title is “Ishura.” The role name is “Guardian Taren.”

From there, something sparked my imagination and made me shudder. And when she saw her visual of the one-eyed dragon, she felt inspired.

She wants to face her resolution firmly. I thought so.
What is justice?

Souichiro Hoshi
“Alone is free. That’s why I do what I want to do.”
Taren’s right-hand man is from another world and gives the impression of being friendly and easy-going. He wields “Razkote’s Punishment Magic Sword,” an absolute first move against any attack. He combines monstrous physical prowess with insane insight.

Comment from Soichiro Hoshi, who played the role of Dakai of Megumi

When it was decided that I would be appearing in this work, when I learned about the world of “Ishura,” I felt an indescribable thrill.
A sense of being already in this world, or a sense of crisis about what awaits… a mysterious feeling.

And I am grateful for the new encounter called Dakai of Megumi.
Hurry up… I want to charm you. Please look forward to it.

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