Powerful, Snow Corridor Kuzumaki Contest

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The prefecture on the 30th was cloudy due to the winter-type pressure distribution and the influence of cold air, and it was sunny in the center of the coast. In the center of Kuzumaki Town, about 150 works exhibited at the 14th Machinaka Snow Sculpture Contest (sponsored by the Machinaka Revitalization Council) line up and decorated the city.

In front of the Shinmachi Neighborhood Association in Kuzumaki, there are six snow sculptures based on Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels and anime characters produced by the neighborhood association, entertaining the eyes of the residents. The exhibition is until February 4th.

The maximum temperature on the 30th was 3.9 degrees below Kuzumaki freezing point (3.8 degrees lower than usual), Miyako 3.4 degrees (1.6 degrees lower), Ofunato 2.1 degrees (2.6 degrees lower), Morioka 0.5 degrees (1.5 degrees lower than the same), etc.

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