TBS announcer Masao Mukai dies at the age of 59 after surgery for submandibular gland cancer at 19 years

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TBS announcer Masao Mukai passed away at a hospital in Tokyo due to cancer on the morning of the 21st. She is 59 years old. She is from Kanagawa prefecture. She announced that her submandibular gland cancer was found in November 2019 and that she underwent surgery.

The agency said it had not made public the date of her funeral. She joined TBS in 1988 after graduating from Waseda University’s first literature department. After being in charge of sports, she appeared mainly in the news. She’s a familiar figure on the weekend morning and evening news and, in recent years, has focused on narrating news programs.

A source from the station revealed, “He was good at mimicking, and he was a cheerful person who liked to entertain the people around him.” She likes anime and special effects works, so she is also active in anime-related programs. In 2000, he made his voice acting debut as the Prime Minister in the same station’s anime “Invincible King Trizenon.”

He underwent surgery for submandibular gland cancer in 2019. He continued to fight the disease, including radiation therapy in 2020. According to sources, he continued working until early summer last year but then took a break for medical treatment. Submandibular Gland Cancer Cancer develops in the submandibular gland that secretes saliva, located in a pair on the left and right under the jaw. It is often found as a painless lump in the early stages, but pain and numbness may appear as it progresses.

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