Production decision for the dubbed version of ‘Manseigai’ sequel Comments of joy from Yamashita Daiki, who plays Neil

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It has been decided that the sequel to the Chinese anime “Bansei Gai” will be produced. Episodes (EP37-48) newly produced in China will be dubbed into Japanese.

The work is a shared house comedy jointly produced by HMCH Studio and FENZ Studio of “Rakugoku Senki” based on a Chinese webtoon. The kind-hearted devil Neil comically depicts the daily life of living with angels and vampires in the human world. The total number of plays in China exceeded 200 million times, and the dubbed version was broadcast in Japan from November to December.

The full text of the comments from the original author, Mr. Yuko Reiko, and Daiki Yamashita, who plays the role of Neil in the Japanese dubbed version, is as follows.

Reiko Kakuyusho (Original)

I’m really looking forward to the performance of each version.

” Manseigai ” Japanese dubbed version Fighting!

Daiki Yamashita (as Neil in the Japanese dubbed version)

The sequel to Bansei Gai has been decided!! Yay!! I

am very happy that I will be able to continue dubbing, and I will be able to play Neil again!!

I hope that it will be a safe time for both me and everyone, with the warm atmosphere of the conversations between us!

We will deliver a story of everyday life that is casual, but if it is a little happy!

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