The animated movie ‘Firebird: Flower of Eden’ will be screened with an audio guide by voice actor Natsuki Hanae.

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It has been decided that “Firebird Eden no Hana” (released on November 3), which is the first animated film based on the masterpiece “Phoenix” by Osamu Tezuka, the “God of Manga”, will be screened with a barrier-free audio guide.

The audio guide will be provided by Natsuki Hanae, a voice actor who is indispensable for famous works such as ”Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” (voice of Tanjiro Kamado) and ”Odd Taxi” (voice of Kodogawa).

At the screening of this film, a unique app, “HELLO! MOVIE” (free), that allows you to watch movies even if you have hearing or visual impairments, will be available. Correspondence. When you bring your smartphone or smart glasses to the movie theater and launch the app, you can use the barrier-free audio guide and Japanese subtitles.

The barrier-free audio guide is a service that allows people with or without visual impairments to have a new movie experience by adding screen information as audio between dialogue and music.

Hiroaki Wada, who was in charge of producing the barrier-free audio guide, said, Mr. Hanae's voice and expressions, which are both gentle and gentle, and have a core of strength, made the audio guide for the workPhoenix” perfect. “It was the most ideal form I could imagine,” he said of the reason for his appointment.

Furthermore, regarding producing the audio guide for this work, Mr. Wada said, ”The video, which expresses the unique worldview created by Mr. Tezuka with STUDIO 4℃’s meticulous and detailed drawings, is wonderful in every way. It was a work that brought tears to the guide’s creators, as they could cut out the parts using words as a guide.”

Hanae, trying out an audio guide for the first time, said of the project, “It was an enjoyable experience, with a completely different sense of distance between the dubbing and the narration. In particular, I found the character of Com (CV: Honoka Yoshida) endearing, and it was a delightful experience. The song deeply moved me. The ending song includes a translated version of the lyrics, so please enjoy it until the end.”

Rivera, who sings the ending song “Eternal Bonds,” is a unit of boy sopranos selected by audition from boys aged 7 to 18 living in South London, England. In addition to the central theme of the movie “Hannibal,” it has attracted attention for its participation in albums by artists such as Björk, Elton John, Pavarotti, and Aled Jones, and its chorus, which expresses solitary beauty and purity, has become a top hit around the world. Creators have also praised it.

It was composed and arranged by Takatsugu Muramatsu, who was in charge of the music for this work. He has been in charge of music for numerous films such as ”When Marnie Was There”, “Lou’s Song at Dawn”, and “To Those Who Were Not Protected”, and his participation in STUDIO 4℃ works continues with “Nikuko-chan at the Fishing Port”. This is his second work.

Detailed screening schedules will be announced and updated sequentially at theaters and on the movie’s official website. Some movie theaters also offer a smart glasses rental service called “Subtitle Glasses.”

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