Soma Saito, Chika Anzai, Satoshi Mikami, Junichi Suwabe added to the anime ‘The Night Beyond the Window.’

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“The Night Beyond the Sankaku Window” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Fuji, and others from October. As additional casts, Chika Anzai plays Erika Nonura, a high school girl who plays the key “curse shop” in the story, Soma Saito plays the role of a fortune teller Teru Hanzawa, a detective who follows the case.

The part Akira Mikami, to Gyakuki Kazuomi role is a non-Ura bouncer Junichi Suwabe has been determined. Comments from the cast have also arrived.

In the teaser PV, Kosuke Triangle, played by Nobunaga Shimazaki, confronts the mysterious murder case, and Rihito Coldgawa, played by Wataru Hatano, appears. It was finished in a weird PV where the main characters intersect over a series of incidents. At the same time, the official anime Twitter account (@sankakumado_PR) has started the “Sankaku Window Push Shot Campaign” from today. Check the same account for details.

It has also been decided that a pre-screening event will be held on September 25, before the broadcast in October. Details of the event and performers will be announced at a later date.

Comment from Soma Saito

It was one of my favorite works as a reader, so I’m happy to be involved! Yuki-kun plays a balancer-like role among the unique characters. I am also looking forward to seeing how the original with a beautiful interval and lingering sound will be visualized!

Comment from Chika Anzai (role of Eri Ka)

I think there’s something right next to me right now, and I’d be happy if you could feel that kind of chills at the moment.

In everyday life, the choices are changed or decided because of “something,” and if that is the influence of “something” and the triangles, it would be interesting, unreasonable, and genuine. I had a lot of fun dubbing.

Comment from Satoshi Mikami

It is a work in which the extraordinary existence hidden in everyday life feels natural and gentle fear.

Each of the unique characters has a story, and I hope you enjoy fear and their interaction.

Comment from Junichi Suwabe

Those who are new to this work with this animation and fans of the original work will be able to enjoy it with a fresh feeling.

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