‘PUI PUI Molcar’ will be screened in the movie theater again for a limited time of 12 episodes of the 1st period + a part of the 2nd period.

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It has been decided that the puppet animation ” PUI PUI Molcar ” will be screened in theaters for a limited period of two weeks from September 23, entitled ” Narase! PUI PUI Molcar + DRIVING SCHOOL Preparation Edition “. In addition to all 12 episodes of the first period of the TV series, one or two episodes will be pre-screened from the second period, ” PUI PUI Molker DRIVING SCHOOL,” which will start broadcasting from October (in the first week of the public release from September 23 to 29). Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened in the second week of the public out from September 30 to October 6).

” PUI PUI Molcar ” is a stop-motion animation made of wool felt, in which “guinea pigs” who have a car and a guinea pig play an active role. The actual guinea pig is in charge of the voice actor. The first phase of the TV series was broadcast from January to March 2021 and was screened in theaters in July 2009 as ” Tobidase! Narase! PUI PUI Molcar “, which summarizes all 12 episodes.

Along with the release decision, the poster and trailer (https://youtu.be/t46ddR_VQ1s) of ” Narase! PUI PUI Molker + DRIVING SCHOOL Preparation ” will also be unveiled. The poster depicts a lineup of molars on a gorgeous stage, and the trailer shows the molcars running around with a narrow screen.

The present for the visitors is a new ball design, “Narase! Molcar Ball,” that was popular when the movie ” Tobidase! Narase! PUI PUI Molcar ” was released in 2009 and can support the morkers in the video by making a sound. I decided on the edition. There are six types in the lineup: the main character, the “training molker” in the “DRIVING SCHOOL” edition, and the newly appearing Peter. A limited number of Shiromo, Jerry, and Chai will be randomly distributed.

Below are comments from Tomoki Misato, the director and others in the first term, and Hana Ono, who was selected as the director in the second term.

Misato Tomoki (1st draft / director / screenplay / 2nd draft / supervisor)

” PUI PUI Molcar ” is back at the cinema.

Last year, I was thrilled to be able to experience the sense of unity that supported the molkers running around on the big screen by ringing PUI PUI from the audience seats again at the theater. The second time can be held because of the support of everyone who always watches. Thank you.

In addition, a part of the new series “DRIVING SCHOOL” will be screened in advance. I am also looking forward to it!

Hana Ono (1st storyboard / 2nd director)

In the first and second episodes of the new series, the puppets of the first term worked hard while overcoming many repairs. The main highlight is, “Who is responsible for this big incident?”

PUI PUI Watching while ringing Molker at the movie theater can be enjoyed differently while relaxing for adults and children.

We would appreciate it if you could support the Molkers, who look big as if they were picked up.

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