‘Tonikaku Kawaii’ new episode is to be released this fall. Uniform key visual & scene cut released.

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The key visual and scene cut of the new episode “Tonikaku Kawaii ~Seifuku~” of the anime “Tonikaku Kawaii” has been released. It is scheduled to be delivered around the fall of 2022.

The heroine of the bold body! Scene cuts from the new episode The synopsis of the latest episode is Tsukasa and Nasa living a happy newlywed life with the Arisugawa family. While they had a fateful encounter, they had no experience of typical high school romance or uniform dates, but with Aya’s guidance, Tsukasa wears a uniform. Nasa can’t hide her excitement when she sees Tsukasa in a uniform that she doesn’t usually see…

The work is based on the manga of the same name, which has been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” (Shogakukan) since 2018 and is a couple of comedies depicting the newlywed life of a young boy, Nasa, and a cute girl, Tsukasa. The first season of TV animation was broadcast from October to December 2020.

Cast information Tsukasa Yuzaki
Akari Kito
Hoshizora Yuzaki (Nasa): Junya Enoki

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