‘SPY x FAMILY’ New Year’s illustrations echoed Anya & Bond’s tiger? ‘Cute!’ ‘Kimono pattern is peanuts.’

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Tatsuya Endo, the popular manga “SPY x FAMILY,” updated his Twitter account on the 3rd and released a New Year’s illustration.

On Twitter, “Happy new year. Thank you for being so supportive last year. The animation will start this year, so I hope it will be even more exciting.”

I look forward to working with you. I hope you all have a year of laughing.”

The illustration depicts Anya and others in sunny clothes. Fans said, “Anya-chan, whose usual hair ornament is a tiger ear, peanut kimono, and tiger pattern bond are all too cute.” “Anya is cute and becomes a tiger. Bond is cute, and the pattern of Anya’s kimono is peanuts. “Anya, of course, looks good on anything (laughs) “Healed ~ “Thank you for your New Year’s gift! “Cute I was relaxed. “

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