‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Yukaku Hen: Astonishing content & voice pushing ‘God times’ for drawing Kazuhiko Inoue’s ‘masterpiece’ post

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The sixth episode of “TV Anime” Kimetsu no Yaiba “Yukaku Hen” (Fuji TV / Every Sunday at 23:15) was broadcast on the 9th. In the sixth episode, the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado, the land of the first string, the fallen princess, and the younger sister of Kanjiro Kamado (*) are awakened, and the battle depiction that is mistaken for the movie version and the appearance of a new character swordfighter are fantastic quality. SNS is showing great excitement.

In the sixth episode, “Overlapping Memories,” the fallen princess, who was assimilated with the separated belt and changed her appearance, launched an indiscriminate attack. After seeing an unrelated person hurt, Kanjiro bleeds from his eyes with anger. The battle between the fallen princess who has regained power and Kanjiro, who has exceeded the limit, intensifies. In addition, Tanjiro Kamado, who appeared with the help of Sumijiro, also transforms into a strange figure in the battle.

In the battle with the fallen princess who reached the climax, the viewers said, “I liked the awakening of Kanjiro.” ) Is awakened. The drawing Kanjiro cuts with Hinokami Kagura is too monster and makes me laugh. “

In addition, voice actor Kazuhiko Inoue played the swordfighter who appeared in the memory of the fallen princess who was asked by Sumijiro, “Why take it? Why do you trample your life?” It is called a big topic as “selection of convincing people.”

Speaking of Inoue, a prominent veteran voice actor, he has played many popular characters so far. “Mr. Inoue is Kakashi-sensei and Nyanko-sensei.” “Kazuhiko Inoue is Joe Shimamura.” “I’m Ranma 1/2 and Shiratori Conan.” “Attenborough “Admiral” “I like Kakashi-sensei and Cars-sama, but for some reason, Uncle Y talks like a masterpiece,” and so on. Also, I’m excited about the common work with the co-stars, “Don’t you think that all the voice actors of the anime Jojo’s Las Boss from the 1st to 6th parts have gathered on the blade of the anime demons …” and “NARUTO’s dolphin teacher and Kakashi teacher.” Posts have also been sent.

Episode 6 entered the climax of the first half of the Yukaku edition. Many viewers were astonished at all of the content, drawing, and cast, and many voices recognized it as “God times” in this series, which attracted a lot of attention every episode, such as “Wait a minute, today is too much God times !?” ..

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