‘Next manga work, I want you to animate’ ranking!

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Viviane, which operates the cross-search service “1Screen” for video distribution, conducted a questionnaire survey asking, “What manga work do you want to be animated next?”

2021, the middle stage is approaching, and soon summer animation will start broadcasting. Let’s take a look at the ranking results to see what was the most famous work that was most popular as “I want you to animate next” while the popular works of the topic are being animated one after another! (Survey period: June 2 to June 3, 2021, survey target: 300 men and women in their teens to 60s nationwide)

  1. Each drugstore

“The Apothecary of Pharmacy ” is ranked in second place. The original is a light novel work by Hyuganatsu posted on the website “Become a Novelist.” A story about a cat, a pharmacist, and a lady-in-waiting worker in the back shrine, solving several incidents in the royal palace. The comic version is served in the “Monthly Big Gangan” and “Monthly Sunday GX,” each cat jellyfish’s, Kurata San’noro, has been serialized in the drawing by Anonymous. Respondents said, “It’s interesting because you can learn the mystery and history” and “I wanted to watch it in animation because the image of the drama CD was perfect.”


And the first place was “SPY x FAMILY” by Tatsuya Endo! A popular manga serialized on the webcomic distribution site “Shonen Jump +” set the highest record for “Shonen Jump +” regarding the number of views, comments, and circulation. It is an action-comedy in which a spy man, a hitman woman, and a supernatural girl form a pseudo-family and struggle to lead a “normal daily life as a family.” Respondents commented that “the balance between seriousness and laughter is just right, and the characters are attractive,” “interesting in a slapstick comedy,” and “Anya and Bond are cute.” (Source: cater by 1Screen)

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