Summer anime songs such as the theme song for “Mai Dragon S” are now available!

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This week’s mora anime song ranking, “Cry Baby” of “Tokyo Revengers” OP by Official Hige Dandyism, keeps the top position! Combined with the complicated composition of the modulation, which is the image of the time leap that is the feature of the work, it seems that it is a highly addictive “same song.”

The second-night theme song “Grace Note” by Aimer, a short animation project by Aimer, is ranked in second place. The theme song “Senkou” of the blockbuster movie “Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway of Senkou” has been in the TOP 10 for a long time. And finally, the theme song of the new animation has appeared.

This week and “eyed Irish Seven Third BEAT!” TRIGGER “PLACES” of the first excellent ED, “love of the Supreme!” Continued fhana had their “Kobayashi origin Mei Dragon S” of the OP in Phase 1, Eir Aoi due to “BLUE REFLECTION RAY / Mio” 2nd excellent OP “ATOK” is ranked in. In addition, VTuber Suisei Hoshimachi’s new singles “Run” and “Tenkyu, Comet Straddle the Night” will be released for the first time in double. Counting from “Bluerose / comet” released last month, it has been ranked for the third straight week. Furthermore, from “Shanimas,” the new song “Climax Island” of the after-school climax girls has also been organized for the first time.

This week’s recommended titles include Emiko Suzuki’s “Kingdom” 2nd Cool ED “king” and Mamoru Hosoda, who will be released this weekend—picked up the theme song “U” of the latest work “Ryu to Soba Kasumi no Hime.”

No.1: Official Higeo dism / Cry Baby TV Anime Tokyo Revengers Opening Theme Song AAC 320kbps: ¥ 262 (single song purchase), FLAC 48.0kHz / 24bit: ¥ 440 (single song purchase) No.2: Aimer / Grace Note Short Anime “Night Country” 2nd Night Theme Song AAC 320kbps: ¥ 261 (Buying a Single Song) No.3: [Alexandros] / Flash Movie “Mobile Suit Gundam Flash Hathaway” Theme Song AAC 320kbps: ¥ 764 (Bulk purchase) / ¥ 261 (Single song purchase), FLAC 96.0kHz / 24bit: ¥ 1,222 (Bulk purchase) / ¥ 523 (Single song purchase) No.4: YOASOBI / Monster TV animation “BEASTARS” 2nd opening theme AAC 320kbps: ¥ 261 (single song purchase), FLAC 48.0kHz / 24bit: ¥ 550 (single song purchase) No.5: Hoshigai Suisei / Run AAC 320kbps: ¥ 1,020 (bulk purchase) / ¥ 255 (single song purchase) , FLAC 48.0kHz / 24bit: ¥ 2,200 (Bulk purchase) / ¥ 550 (Single song purchase) No.6: TRIGGER / PLACES TV anime “Idolish Seven Third BEAT!” 1st cool ED theme song AAC 320kbps: ¥ 261 ( Single song purchase), FLAC 96.0kHz / 24bit: ¥ 440 (single song purchase) No.7: fhana / Ai no Supreme! TV anime “Kobayashi Sanchi no Maid Dragon S” OP theme song AAC 320kbps: ¥ 917 (Bulk purchase) / ¥ 255 (Single song purchase), FLAC 48.0kHz / 24bit: ¥ 1,760 (Bulk purchase) / ¥ 440 (Single song purchase) No.8: Suisei Hoshimachi / Heavenly sphere, comet straddles the night AAC 320kbps: ¥ 1,

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