Consideration of ‘Shin Ultraman.’ If one is hit, it will be returned 640 times !? I was surprised at the power of the relentless Specium ray!

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Hello, this is Rikao Yanagita from the Institute of Science and Technology. I enjoy thinking about manga, anime, special effects programs, etc., from the perspective of science fiction. By the way, this research report is.

“Shin Ultraman,” released on May 13, is a big hit!

While retaining the atmosphere of the original “Ultraman” 56 years ago, it is a beautiful work that carefully depicts the world of “If Ultraman exists …” with an arrangement unique to the present.

The novel perspective was also interesting, such as Ultraman trying to collect information about humans (reading the esoteric “wild thoughts” at a pace of about one page per second!). The housing complex and taverns were strangely Showa. It was also fun to see a little stage coming out.

However, I was curious about Shin Ultraman’s physique and abilities before seeing it.

The original Ultraman in 1966 is 40m tall, weighs 35,000t, and flies at Mach 5. Activity time is 3 minutes.

It is no exaggeration to say that the author, who knew these things when he was young, was amazed and became a science lover starting from that odoroki.

After that, when it became possible to calculate, the density of Ultraman’s body exceeded 40 kg / L (the thickness of existing creatures is around 1 kg / L), and even Mach 5 can move only about 300 km in 3 minutes (Tokyo- I was even more surprised to notice (about Lake Biwa).

Since I became an adult, I wrote them in “Fantasy Science Reader,” and I have been entertaining the amazing Ultra World for more than half a century.

Then, what are the height, weight, and ability of Shin Ultraman that you care about …!?

Scientifically, it’s Natuk’s physique!
In “Shin Ultraman,” Ultraman was initially depicted as an unidentified object.

As the monster Neronga rampages, it approaches from beyond the sky. According to the report in the play, the speed is 12,000 km / h! Calculated to be Mach 9.8! This is fast for Moretsu.

Then, following the report that “it will slow down sharply,” it landed.

I think I was careful about the safety of the surroundings, but the impact of landing was still significant.

This, Ultraman itself is also problematic. Even if he started decelerating from 10km above the ground and landed at Mach 1, Ultraman himself would have applied a braking force of 56G (56 times his weight).

Humans can only keep consciousness up to 10G, so if you are a human, you will faint and crash into the ground.

However, Ultraman (at this time still a silver giant) revealed the giant in the dust.

This alone shows that Ultraman is a phenomenal existence. It is a beautiful appearance scene.

By the way, regarding the height and weight of Ultraman, which is worrisome, after the battle, Yumi Funaberi of the Samurai Special Corps (Dedicated Group of the Samurai Beast Special Room) analyzed this.

“Height 60m, weight 2900t due to the depression of the landing point”.

Oops. Uh oh.

The height of 60m is 1.5 times that of the original Ultraman. However, it weighs only 2900 tons, one-twelfth of the actual weight.

When calculated, this weight is the same as when a person with a height of 185 cm and a weight of 85 kg expands to a height of 60 m.

Then, of course, the density seems to be about 1 kg / L. That means that you have a physique that can be nuts and scientific.

But I can’t do it too much, and I can’t get rid of it in “Fantasy Science Reader” anymore …

What impressed me even more, was the scene where I defeated Neronga and took off into the sky. Clouds are forming around the flying Ultraman!

When an object exceeds the speed of sound in the air, a shock wave is generated and travels in the air with the thing. Since the pressure of the shock wave is very high, the force of the airdrops sharply immediately after passing. Then, the temperature drops due to adiabatic expansion, and the water vapor in the air condenses into a cone-shaped cloud. This is probably a “vapor cone.”

The occurrence of this vapor cone is nothing but proof that Ultraman is flying at supersonic speed. This expression is novel because the supersonic flight is “visualized.”

Relentless Ultraman!
Among the characters in “Shin Ultraman,” the one I couldn’t think of as someone else was Akihisa Taki, a non-particle physicist of the Sorrow Special Corps.

When Ultraman was surprised to see that he was calm even after receiving the discharge of Neronga, he was surprised that “there is 500,000 kW!” That’s it !? “

It’s as if he’s looking at himself to make numbers one by one.

What kind of power is the discharge “500,000 kW” of Neronga that he said?

Since the output of a large nuclear reactor is 1.5 million kW, it is one-third of that. Moreover, the impression in the play was that Ultraman was exposed to electric discharge for about 30 seconds.

is a unit of “energy generated in one second” = “power”, and it becomes energy if the number of seconds is multiplied. 500,000 kW x 30 seconds = 15 million kJ = 15,000 MJ (megajoule) = 15 GJ.

In other words, the discharge of Neronga is 15GJ. It is a fantastic energy equivalent to 10 lightning strikes.

So what is the power of Special rays?

During the play, Ultraman fired a Special ray from a great distance, blowing off the mountains in sight. It was cool.

From the movie’s description, let’s assume that the height of the mountain is about 180m, the distance blown away is 600m, the width is 60m, and so on.

If you calculate the energy that causes such a phenomenon, it is 9600GJ.

This hero, forgiveness is not at all! 640 times the discharge 15GJ of Neronga mentioned above! It’s like hitting 640 shots back to the opponent who hit one shot.

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