Ranobe ‘Sometimes Bossot and Russian Dereru Neighbor Arya-san’ will be animated and appear in the PV release Kohei Amazaki and Sumire Uesaka.

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It has been decided that the light novel “Occasionally Bosoto and Russian Dereru Neighbor Arya-san” will be made into a TV animation.

Kohei Amazaki plays the role of Masachika, and Sumire Uesaka plays the role of Aarya.

Comment from Kohei Amazaki (as Masachika Kuze) I

I will appear as Masachika Kuze in the TV anime version as well!! Happy, I’m really happy. I want to do my best to deliver the charm of Arya-san and the work’s charm to everyone (of course, the charm of Masachika-kun as well!). As a viewer, it is a gratifying work. Thank you very much for your support of the anime version of Rosidere!!

Comment from Sumire Uesaka (as Alisa Mihailovna, Kujo)
Круто! I’ve decided to play Arya in a TV anime! Dereru Arya is charming! (Although it’s all in Russian!) Please look forward to the story full of romantic comedy! Ура〜!!

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