‘Yowamushi Pedal’ & ‘Hiroaka’ special screening event decided! ‘TOHO animation THEATER FES’ new lineup

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“TOHO animation” is currently holding a one-year special screening event, “TOHO animation THEATER FES,” as part of the 10th-anniversary project. As a new lineup, it has been decided to hold a screening event of “Yowamushi Pedal” on August 20 and “My Hero Academia” in September.

“TOHO animation” is an animation label established by Toho in 2012. From the TV animation “Galaxy Machine Attack Corps Majestic Prince” that started broadcasting in April 2013, we made a full-scale entry into animation production, and 2022 marked the 10th anniversary.

So far, series works such as “Haikyu !!”, “Yowamushi Pedal,” “My Hero Academia,” “Jujutsu Kaisen,” “Touken Ranbu-Hanamaru-,” “PSYCHO-PASS,” and “Kimi” The name is. He has worked on numerous anime works such as original movies such as “HELLO WORLD.” The number of subscribers to the official YouTube channel “TOHO animation channel” has exceeded 1.98 million. In October, we will refrain from broadcasting the second cool of the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY,” which is still receiving much attention.

As part of the 10th-anniversary project of such an animation label, “TOHO animation THEATER FES” being held by “TOHO animation x TOHO Cinemas” is one work every month from the past TV series that TOHO animation is proud of, “God” on the big screen of the movie theater. “Re-screening” or “all-story all-night screening.”

We have delivered many lineups, from the latest blockbuster works to nostalgic masterpieces. So far, “Touken Ranbu Hanamaru” in April, “Teasing Master Takagi-san” in May, and “Himouto! We have held a screening event for “Umaru-chan.” On July 22, “All Night Screening of the 5th Anniversary of” Jewel Country “Broadcasting” is scheduled at two theaters, TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku and TOHO Cinemas Namba.

Of the new lineup decided this time, “Yowamushi Pedal,” which was agreed to broadcast the 5th TV animation “Yowamushi Pedal LIMIT BREAK” from October, will be “1” at TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku and TOHO Cinemas Namba on August 20. ~ 3rd omnibus all-night screening” will be held.

“Yowamushi Pedal” is a battle and drama of high school students who put everything into a bicycle (cycle) road race based on the manga that Wataru Watanabe is serializing in “Weekly Shonen Champion” and boasts a cumulative circulation of over 25 million copies. It is a TV animation that draws. Before the long-awaited 5th broadcast, it will be a special event where you can see the series so far on the big screen of the movie theater at a glance.

And the September lineup will be “My Hero Academia,” which will be broadcast in the 6th period of the series in the fall of 2022. In commemoration of the 6th broadcast, a “special screening” will be held in which episodes are carefully selected and presented from TV animation.

Details such as the event outline and ticket sales will be announced later on the 10th-anniversary unique site of “TOHO animation” and official Twitter.

“‘Yowamushi Pedal LIMIT BREAK’broadcast commemoration 1st to 3rd omnibus all-night screening.”

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