Reproduce the TV anime ‘Slow Loop’ sea fishing times? ‘Ship fishing experience event’ held in Yokosuka

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Many beginners of boat fishing participate, even from far away Miyagi prefecture, etc.

On May 28, 2022, a boat fishing experience event was held at Arasaki Fishing Port in Yokosuka City as a collaboration project with the TV animation “Slow Loop.” It is a plan to enjoy the boat fishing in Sagami Bay that the main characters Hiyori and others wanted in the 6th episode of the TV anime.

Although there were some clouds on the day of the event, we were blessed with good weather with the early summer sunshine. Although the temperature has reached 30 degrees Celsius, a breeze is blowing, and it does not make you feel so hot.

The 15 participants who applied for the “Fishing Experience Event,” a collaboration project between Yokosuka City and the TV anime “Slow Loop,” boarded the “Arasaki Fishing Port Marui Maru,” which became the model of the fishing boat that appeared in work. The first event was already held in April. It was planned to aim for scorpion fish and blacktip groupers as “beginners,” In the second time in May, it was intended to be held at “advanced” Onikasago Gome, but to beginners. There were so many requests for participation, and it was held in May as well, with the change to “Beginner.” Therefore, as instructors who were not scheduled to board the “advanced,” four people from the fishing gear maker “YAMASHITA Maria,” active in Yokosuka City, boarded and responded.

About half of the participants this time have experience in fishing. There were only one or two people when it came to boat fishing experience, but there were even people from distant places such as Miyagi and Ibaraki prefectures. After watching the TV anime “Slow Loop,” I started fishing. I felt the enthusiasm to experience it. Some people came from the Kansai area when it was held in April, and you can feel the influence of the TV anime “Slow Loop.”

Before departure, a fly fishing demonstration was held by Captain Takayuki Suzuki, who also appeared in the sixth episode of the work, “When aiming for dolphin fish, sprinkle sardines while sprinkling water. I was showing off the casting with explanations such as “use.”

According to Mr. Suzuki, the current fishing line is “In recent Sagami Bay, scorpion fish and blacktip groupers, and still bigfin reef squid and flying squid, and horse mackerel and grunt.” Expectations are high because today’s target fish are scorpion fish and blacktip grouper.

Then, a little after 9 o’clock, all the preparations and boarding were completed, and the Marui Maru engine started to growl. It’s finally time to leave the port!

Is it affected by the rain the day before? Frequent rooting and pineapples

Today’s targets, scorpion fish and blacktip grouper are called “root fish” and are fish that live in rocky areas (roots) at the bottom of the sea. Unlike fish called “migratory fish” that form a flock and swim around the ocean like horse mackerel and sardines, if you fish one root, the fish will disappear for a while, so frequent point movements are required. It will be fishing.

Follow the instructor’s instructions to connect the gimmicks, attach the salted mackerel strips distributed as bait to the needle, and when you reach the point, unload the schemes according to the captain’s instructions. When aiming for a root fish, the mechanism is apt to get caught in the rocky place, so when the weight reaches the bottom of the sea, I repeat the action of raising it “a little.” Still, it takes a little trick until I get used to putting it on the bottom and submitting it, so ” “Rooting” (a device gets caught on the seabed) continued, and the instructor was busy responding.

When you get used to it a little, some people will start to catch it. At that time, the author was also putting out a rod, but soon the scorpion fish hit, and I was relieved to be able to escape the “bows” (that I could not catch even one). After that, I was able to fish constantly until about 11 o’clock, but despite being a little used to it, it had a lot of roots, and I lost most of the gimmicks and weights I brought in.

In addition, there are frequent “Omatsuri” that involve people on the left and right, and I felt that there were too many roots and Omatsuri, so when I asked the captain and the instructor, it was raining until the day before. He told me that the tide in the sea is fast, and the gimmicks are easy to be washed away.

Also, the seawater is muddy, and the view of the fish is obstructed, so it seems that the food is badly eaten. So, fortunately, you have to expect the food to fall in front of the fish, and if you move it too fine, rooting will occur frequently. It seems that it was a little difficult fishing to do. The ship had enough spare gimmicks and weights, but the schemes had run out by the end of the event.

Scorpionfish and blacktip groupers continued to rise somewhere on the ship until after 1:00 pm, and the event ended safely. Everyone took a commemorative photo, the lunch box was distributed, and it was disbanded. The bento that was distributed at this time was a unique collaboration bento made by Koharu in the third episode of the TV anime “Slow Loop” and was reproduced by the udon shop “Yokosuka Sarumen” in Yokosuka City.

The author himself got six scorpion fish and one blacktip grouper safely. I took it home and enjoyed it with fried chicken, sashimi, and arajiru. Enjoy fishing in the early summer sea and take it home to enjoy fresh seafood. I think I had a great day.

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