‘Requiem of the Rose King’ Mitsuki Saiga and Hikaru Midorikawa talk to the princess, and the voice appendix is Henry.

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From the TV anime “Requiem of the Rose King” by Aya Kanno, a dialogue between Mitsuki Saiga as Richard and Hikaru Midorikawa as Henry is published in the March issue of the monthly princess (Akita Shoten) released today on February 4th.

This issue of the monthly princess whose cover is decorated by Richard, the anime version of “Requiem of the Rose King”. Saiga and Midorikawa, who appeared in the magazine, talked about the charm of the original, the highlights of the anime being broadcast, and the characters played by each other. Interviews with Satoshi Hino as Katesby and Kohei Amasaki as Prince Edward are also posted.

In addition, this issue comes with the second collection card with a character voice, “Henry”. In the tribute illustration project of “Requiem of the Rose King”, John Tarachine of “End Roll where the sea runs”, and Bikke of “Eira and the King of the Foreign Country” appeared.

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