The top 3 keep the ranking. “Doctor Strange” Will it takes the top spot in this year’s profits?

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There weren’t any extensive talks on the weekend of the second week of May, and the top three kept their rankings. Disney’s ” Doctor Strange His Multiverse of Madness ” fell sharply by 67% from the previous week, with weekend revenues of $ 61 million. It was the second work to record box office revenue this year in terms of opening results. The difference from the top-selling ” THE BATMAN ” is $ 75 million, and depending on the results of other summer vacation works, ” Doctor Strange ” may take the top spot of the year.

” Bad Guys ” kept an unexpected second place in the fourth week and recorded a weekend revenue of $ 7 million. It’s better than the fourth week of ” Fantastic Beasts and the Secrets of Dumbledore, ” which earned $ 4 million in sixth place. Perhaps its success is because there have been no other major anime works since ” SING Sing Next Stage ” was released in December. Following Bad Guys ‘ $ 66 million, this year’s feature-length anime is $ 29 million in The Movie Magical Round 0.

Last weekend’s most significant release was “Firestarter,” a new interpretation of Stephen King’s previously filmed novel “Firestarter,” directed by Keith Thomas of ” The Vigil .” Charlie “. Starring Zac Efron of ” The Greatest Showman, ” the film sold $ 3.8 million in three days and was ranked 4th for the first time. Although it received a low rating in the reviews, it was a blessed weekend with a high ranking.

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