The ‘Detective Conan’ case. The sharp observation eyes of the detective boys Ayumi Yoshida are a hot topic / Anime Episode 1036

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In the anime “Detective Conan” on Saturday, January 29, 2022, episode 1036 “, Whiteout (Part 1)” was broadcast. Ayumi Yoshida, who instantly sees the “contents” just by looking at the case, has a widespread voice from viewers, such as “Usually I never know www” and “I’m a child of” Beika-Cho “(laughs)”. Rice field.

A detective boy came to ski in the snowy mountains with Dr Agasa. On the way to the ski resort, I found a stuck car and became acquainted with Kengo Ishibashi, the president of the drug maker, and Takeru Yokoyama, a doctor who were in the car. It was such an event that attracted attention this time.

Ayumi discovers a particular case as soon as she gazes at their car. At first glance, she looks like a guitar case, but Ayumi seems suspicious about the topic. She and she said, “Conan-Kun, that …” and Conan muttered, “Rifle? There’s a bullet …”.

If Conan, who was originally a high school student, noticed, Ayumi is still a girl in the first grade of elementary school. Even though she has gone through numerous shrines, her observational eyes, which she sees as a rifle at a glance, have become a hot topic on SNS. She has received a series of comments such as “normally amazing www” and “I’m sensitive to weapons because I’ve stepped on too many places (laughs)”.

By the way, they had a rifle for sports hunting, but Ishibashi killed Yokoyama in the middle of the story. When Ayumi witnessed the whole story, the detective boys were chased. Her keen eye for observation seems to sometimes lead to unexpected disasters.

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