Review the basic information of ‘Osomatsu-san’! Introducing the Snow Man profile, character details and anime voice actors starring live-action

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The movie “Osomatsu-san” starring the idol group “Snow Man” is on sale as a big hit. The original is an anime of the same name that caused a social phenomenon. “Osomatsu-san” has been attracting attention in both live-action movies and anime, but may some of you not know the basic information? For those who are going to see it and those who watch it repeatedly, the basic information about the anime version and the live-action version is “Overview of the anime” Osomatsu-san “Information on anime characters & voice actors”, “Overview of the live-action version of the movie” Osomatsu-san ” Snow” I will introduce it in four parts, “Man Profile”.

In the anime “Osomatsu-san”, the six children appearing in the late Fujio Akatsuka’s masterpiece manga “Osomatsu-Kun” have grown up to be neat and virgin, but somehow, somehow, undateable adults even after the age of 20, and have fallen into self-degradation. A gag work that depicts the days spent in Japan. TV animation will be broadcast until the 3rd period (1st period is 2015-16 years, 2nd period is 17-18 years, 3rd period is 20-21 years), and “Eiga no Osomatsu-san” will be released in 2019. The first new animation for the 6th anniversary, “Osomatsu-san, his Hipipo tribe and the shining fruit”, will be released for a limited time from July 8, and the second new animation will be released in 2011.

When the animation started in October 2015, the character settings were different from “Osomatsu-Kun”, the aggressive gag and parody depictions, and the cast of all the leading voice actors attracted a lot of attention, entering the trend of SNS, development goods, and many. Corporate collaboration, buzzword award nomination, etc. By the way, the first episode of the first period has a substantial impact on the viewer with excessive parody and radical off-colour humour, leaving behind the “legend” that Blu-ray & DVD “Daiichimatsu (Volume 1)” will not be recorded. Increase.

One of the significant differences from “Osomatsu-Kun” is that “six children have individuality”. In anime, there are differences not only in personality but also in appearance. Each has its colour, and the number of “ahoge” is also different. They introduce the characteristics of the six people and the gorgeous voice actors who acted as voices.

The eldest son, Osomatsu
Anyway, the personality is appropriate, and the official setting is “Stupid Japan National Team”. He loves gambling, such as pachinko and horse racing. The number of ahoge is two. Its colour is red. The voices were Takahiro Sakurai, known for his role as “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Yoshiyuki Tomioka and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable” as Rohan Kishibe.

Second son, Karamatsu
The official setting is “rare narcissist”. Treated by his brothers as “bad guys”, he often encounters unreasonable eyes. He is characterized by thick eyebrows and has two phones. The colour in charge is blue. The voice was Yuichi Nakamura, who is familiar with the roles of Satoru Gojo in “Jujutsu Kaisen” and Tatsuya Shiba in “The Irregular at Magic High School”.

Third son, Choromatsu
In charge of Tsukkomi. His nickname has been “Shikomatsu” since his brother saw “an action”. He was also called “self-consciousness rising” because he was unusually self-conscious. It features small black eyes and a sword-shaped mouth and has no home. The colour in charge is green. The voice was Hiroshi Kamiya, who is in order of the role of “Attack on Titan” Levi and the part of “Crayon Shin-chan” Buriburizaemon.

Fourth son, Ichimatsu
Negative personality. He is a big cat lover and has suddenly become a “cat”. He features unkempt hair and half eyes. There are two phones, and the colour in charge is purple. The voices were “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” as Lelouch Lamperouge and Jun Fukuyama as the main character of “Persona 5”.

Fifth son, fourteen pine
Anyway, it is high tension, and the setting announced at the beginning is “Bright Madman”. It features sea bread, clothes with extended sleeves, and an open mouth. The number of ahoge is one. The colour in charge is yellow. The voice was Daisuke Ono, who is familiar with the role of Sebastian Michaelis of “Black Butler” and the ancient advance of “Space Battleship Yamato”.

Sixth son, Todomatsu
It features prominent black eyes and a duck mouth and has a brilliantly dark personality. His nickname is Totti. He sometimes plays the role of Tsukkomi. There are two phones, and the colour in charge is pink. The voices were “Spirited Away” Haku, “We still don’t know the name of the flower we saw that day.” Jinta Yadomi is known for his role.

The live-action version released on March 25 is a story about six children fighting for bones and flesh to be adopted by the CEO of a large company. There are plenty of parody and gag depictions as good as anime, and the highlight is the strange story development with the addition of the original movie characters. In addition, a collaboration between live-action and animation has been realized, and the animation version of the six children has appeared at the opening.

The director is Tsutomu Hanabusa, who has worked on many original mangas works such as “Tokyo Revengers,” “Bet Gurui,” and “Don’t touch the video lab!” The cast will be Koji Mukai for Osomatsu, Teru Iwamoto for Karamatsu, Ren Meguro for Choromatsu, and Tatsuya Fukazawa for Ichimatsu, Daisuke Sakuma for 14matsu, Raoul for Todomatsu, and Shota Watanabe as the end of the movie’s original character. Ryohei Abe is in charge of the closing role, and Ryota Miyadate is in order of the period. Snow Man’s song “Brother Beat” is used as the theme song.

The 9-member idol group “Snow Man”, who starred in the movie “Osomatsu-san,” made their CD debut with the single “D.D./Imitation Rain”, released on January 22, 2008. Together with Johnny & Associates’ group “SixTONES”, they made their first simultaneous debut at the same office. The debut single recorded sales of over 770,000 on the first day of its release and eventually reached a million. Nine unique members perform high-level performances such as singing, dancing, and acrobatics, and they are gaining popularity due to their messy friendship, like a boys’ school. In this part, we will introduce the profiles of such members.

He was born June 21, 1994, type-A from Nara prefecture. His member colour is orange. His hobbies are snowboarding and camera, and his unique skills are Thai, Muay Thai and tennis. He is nicknamed Koji, Jiko, etc. The only member from Kansai in the group, who is in charge of laughter, and the catchphrase is “Koji Mukai rather than Shio Koji, the all-purpose seasoning for everyone.”

He had a Thai mother and was scouted directly by Mr Johnny, who saw a picture of a Muay Thai gym he attended when he was living in Thailand. Since April, he has appeared regularly in the drama “Tokuso 9 season 5”, starring Yoshihiko Inohara. He is a bright and innocent character and is also active in various shows such as “Celebrities seriously thought about it! Dokkiri GP” and “I am Adventure Boy”.

Iwamoto Hikaru / Karamatsu
He was born May 17, 1993, type-A from Saitama prefecture. His member colour is yellow. His hobbies include visiting second-hand clothing stores, shrines, hot springs, and collecting Sylvanian Families, and his unique skills are choreography, bodybuilding, and Tapirus. His nicknames are Hi-kun and Hikaru. He is the leader of the group, also a choreographer, and specializes in dance and acrobatics, which he started in his childhood. Boasting the physical beauty of a top athlete with a body fat percentage of 4-5%, he appeared in “SASUKE” and appeared on the cover of the fitness magazine “Tarzan”.

On the other hand, there is also a cute side to being scared and sweet. In “My Boyfriend in Orange” (released on July 8, 2010), the first starring role in his movie, he will play a firefighter and co-star with Meru Nukumi.

Ren Meguro / Choromatsu
He was born on February 16, 1997, B type from Tokyo. The member’s colour is black. His hobbies are crayfish fishing and going to candy stores, and his specialities are singing, soccer, swimming, marathon and limbo dancing. He is nicknamed Meme, Megu, Meguren, etc. His black hair and techno cut are trademarks.

Taking advantage of her height of 185 cm and good style, she was a regular model in the magazine “FINE BOYS”. The cover was reprinted one after another, so she said, “If you decorate the cover, the magazine will disappear from the city. It was called “Idol”. The special drama “Kyojo II” starring Takuya Kimura and “My Love Mix-Up!” (Both 21), which co-starred with Shunsuke Michieda (“Naniwa Danshi”), became popular, and the movie “Moon’s Fullness” (22) starring Hiroshi Oizumi. It appears in topical works, such as refraining from (released in winter).

Tatsuya Fukazawa / Ichimatsu
He was born May 5, 1992, B type from Tokyo. The member’s colour is purple. His hobbies are cosplay and collecting character goods, and his unique skills are Johnny’s senior impersonators (Kazuya Kamenashi, Jun Matsumoto, etc.), crane games, and fast eating. He is nicknamed Fuka. He is 29 years old, the oldest in the group (11 years behind the youngest Raoul), and the MC in the group.

He has a wide range of friendships and is loved by both seniors and juniors. In addition to regular appearances in the drama “Evil Wave Murder Analysis Team Spin-off” (19), “Memory Investigation-Shinjuku East Station Case File-” (20), and the information program “Nonstop!”, The stage “Cash on He is active in a wide range of fields, such as double-starring with Daisuke Sakuma in “Delivery” (18).

Daisuke Sakuma / Jyushimatsu
He was born July 5, 1992, O type from Tokyo. His member colour is pink, and his trademark is pink hair. His hobbies are watching anime and collecting anime goods, and his unique skill is acrobatics wotagei. His nicknames are Sakuma and Sakuma. While the group’s mood maker has an impressive bright smile, he has a high level of performance in acrobatics and dance, and the gap attracts fans.

Also known as anime otaku, “Snow Man” challenged the voice actor of “Black Clover” (13th cool), who worked on the opening theme “Grandeur”, and “White Snake: Engi” (21) Japanese dubbed version, voice actor As a star (with Suzuko Mimori) for the first time.

Raoul / Todomatsu
He was born June 27, 2003, A type from Tokyo. The member’s colour is white. His hobbies are dance, games and eating, which has a career of runner-up in the world championships, and his unique skills are dance and mathematics. His nicknames are Raoul and Lau. He is the youngest member of the group at 18 and serves as the centre.

He has a Venezuelan father and is active as a regular model in the magazine “MEN’S NON-NO” with his outstanding style, over 190 cm tall. He played a boy with lemon-coloured hair in the youth love story “Honey Lemon Soda” (21) and starred in the movie for the first time. In April, he entered Waseda University and is both an idol and a college student.

Shota Watanabe / End
He was born November 5, 1992, B type from Tokyo. The member’s colour is blue. His hobbies are beauty and skincare, and his unique skills are singing and a dog barking. His nicknames are shoppy, pot, pot, etc. He has a high singing ability and is in charge of the main vocal in the group.

He attends multiple cosmetology clinics, uses cosmetology goods at home, and is also known as a cosmetology boy at Johnny’s office. In the magazine “anan”, the first male solo cover was displayed in the unique feature of the beauty award “Mote Cosmetics Award” twice a year. The reprint was decided before the release for the first time in the magazine’s history. Ryota Miyadate is a childhood friend from kindergarten, and the two are called “Yurigumi” after the class name at that time. He has appeared in the dramas “Kansatsui Asagao” (19) and “Shuhei Nozaki” (20).

Ryohei Abe / Close
He was born November 27, 1993, AB-type from Chiba prefecture. The member’s colour is green. His hobbies are quizzes, studying, and English conversation and his unique skills are weather forecasting and 100-digit recitation. He is nicknamed Abe-chan, Abebe, etc. He is a qualified weather forecaster and is a graduate of Sophia University Graduate School of Science and Engineering (the first graduate of Johnny’s). In addition to his activities as Johnny, he devotes himself to studying at his university and is also known as a hard worker.

He has appeared in many quiz shows such as “Cream Quiz Miracle 9” and “The Time Shock”. In 20 years, he answered all the questions correctly with “Quiz! Are you smarter than the 5th grade?” And won the second prize of 3 million yen in the program’s history. From April 19 to March 22, he was also a reporter for the information program “ZIP!”.

She was born on March 25, 1993, A type from Tokyo. Her member’s colour is red. Her hobby is collecting clothes and shoes, and her specialities are surfing, skateboarding and cooking. Nicknames are Date-Sama, Date, aristocrats, etc. The group also designs costumes. The trademark is a unique worldview, a royal atmosphere like an aristocrat, and a sweet like.

It appeared in the dramas “Nukemairu-Three Women Ise-Miri” (18) and “Cook of Yume Shokudo-1964 Tokyo Olympic Games Athletes Village Story-” (19). Together with Ryohei Abe, he participated in Ebizo Ichikawa’s 5th independent performance, “ABKAI 2019-Chapter 1 FINAL-” and is active in various genres, such as appearing regularly in the information program “Love It!” With Daisuke Sakuma.

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