Fans delight in the latest episode of ‘Dai no Daibouken’ ‘I’ve been waiting!’ ‘Hudler! God times’

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The 73rd episode of the anime “Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken” (TV Tokyo series every Saturday from 9:30 pm) was broadcast on the 16th. The Toei Animation to be produced was illegally accessed by a third party and has been rebroadcast since the broadcast on March 12. Still, on this day, the latest story (new work) was broadcast for the first time in about a month, and “Waiting” The fans expressed relief and joy, such as “I was convinced that I was waiting for God”, “I cried already in 3 minutes”, “Hudler! It was God”, and “I was relieved to see the continuation …”.

In this turmoil, Toei Animation confirmed that the company’s network was illegally accessed by a third party on March 11th and 6th and stopped part of the in-house system, thereby broadcasting the animation work produced by the company. The schedule was affected.

The four works that had an impact were “Dragon Quest Die no Daibouken,” “Delicious Party ▽ (= Heart) PreCure,” “Digimon Ghost Game,” and “ONE PIECE” (One Piece), and each animation was rebroadcast or special edition. However, it was announced that the latest episodes of the four works would be broadcast on April 6. (* Precure, Digimon, One Piece will post the newest story from the 17th)

In episode 73, “Hope in the Flames,” the story of Die, Pop, and Hudler, trapped in the flames of the demon world by the sneaky trap of Kilburn, is unfolded, and the intense flames gradually hunt down their minds and bodies. I went. The pop that was damming the fire with the spell is slowly exhausted, and while despair begins to pass through my mind, a ray of light shines in at that time. Is it possible to overcome this desperate situation … A story known as one of the most famous scenes in the original manga was drawn.

Such a remarkable episode was finally broadcast after this turmoil, and the fans were “waiting for it” “I was impressed to see the latest story at last!”, “Pop —! Hadler!”, “Finally, the continuation was seen. “I’m glad!” “The story of a fan crying” “The new work is finally broadcast, this is the first one … Tears are doubled!” “Mr Aban also comes out and tears tears”, and so on. On Twitter, it is showing excitement to rank first in the trend.

“Dai no Daibouken” is based on the popular manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 1989 to 1996. One day, Dai, a boy who is not good at magic but longs for a brave man, is recognized by Avan, a “tutor who trains brave men” who visits the island and gives him special training to become a brave man. Then, an adventure swashbuckler that brings out the hidden power and goes on a journey to regain peace by defeating the resurrected Demon King with friends such as Avan’s disciple Pop and Maam. TV animation has been broadcast since October 2020.

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