Five scenes that make you feel relaxed with ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’: Are ‘natural’ and ‘clumsy’ loved?

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Expected to be animated! “Swordsmith’s Village” full of warmth

In “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, which depicts a fierce battle between demons and soldiers, the exchange of powerful and splendid techniques will entertain the reader, but in everyday scenes other than battle, the characters’ There are many smiley scenes where you can see a warm personality and unexpected gaps. This time, I will introduce a heartwarming everyday relaxing setting in the same work.

Tanjiro Kamado that makes people feel relaxed in one word

First is the main character, Tanjiro Kamado. He has many famous scenes, but he shows us a warm location like him when he heads to “Swordsmith’s Village”.

You must go to “Swordsmith’s Village” with a blindfold and a guide so that you don’t know the detailed location. And the direction is thoroughly handed over to another guide after travelling a certain distance.

At this time, Sumijiro greeted the guide who brought him, saying, “Thank you, he is thankful.” And he welcomes the guide who will carry it next, “Thank you.” The attendants who are told will smile. It was a scene in which “a lot of good people” by Sumijiro, who grabbed people’s hearts with just one word, often appeared.

Honeydew temple honeydew that shows off the warmth in one frame

Next is a relaxing scene of her love pillar, Kanroji Mitsuri. She looks a little natural, but she has many famous locations, but the one that leaves an impact in just one scene is the scene where she eats with Kanjiro at “Swordsmith’s Village”.

It seems that the meal on this day was made with matsutake mushrooms, but about 50 empty dishes are drawn on her table. I overeat anything. However, she “It’s amazing!” To Sumijiro, she was a little embarrassed and said, “Isn’t it? I haven’t eaten so much today.” Kanjiro responds, “I will eat a lot and become stronger!” It was a scene with a high density of warmth, with the naturalness of both overlapping.

Genya Shinazugawa showing a gentle smile

Next is Genya Shinazugawa, the younger brother of the wind pillar, Genya Shinazugawa. Genya is in sync with Sumijiro, but he is not very open to people and always behaves bluntly. However, even for him, the bond thread is gradually spun by the joint struggle with Sumijiro.

After defeating the demon with everyone present after a fierce battle, Genya smiles quietly while watching Kanjiro, who is pleased to hug the safe Mameko. The expression was a fantastic, warm scene that could be called the smile of the sun.

By the way, after this … “We all won” and “It’s amazing!”, Kanroji Mitsuri hugged everyone and was pleased, but Genya, who was shy with a red face, also had a perfect expression. Increase.

The warmth that a clumsy man showed

“Kimetsu no Yaiba” highlights the smiley scene that a character with a clumsy personality shows.

Giyu Tomioka trying to get along with Ohagi

Although he has a gentle personality, the man who may be the most clumsy in work is Giyu Tomioka. In such a relaxing scene of Yoshiyuki, there is an exchange with the wind pillar, Miya Immortal River.

Although they decided to compete as a lesson, the momentum of the battle was steadily increasing due to the misunderstanding caused by the remarks of Yoshiyuki in the past. It will be a real battle mode that goes beyond the training framework. Sumijiro hurriedly entered the arbitration upon seeing it, saying, “Wait, wait, wait!” However, the situation becomes confusing when Sumijiro says, “Are you fighting for Ohagi?” And “Mr Immortal, you love Ohagi, right?”

Yoshiyuki indeed receives the remark, “Does Immortal River like Ohagi?” Miya goes angry and goes home because of his illness. After that … “I’m glad I knew what I liked about the Immortal River.” Sumijiro agrees, “That’s good.” “Natural” and “clumsy” fold perfectly, creating one of the most relaxing scenes in the film.

Goto, who can be aware of adults

The last is Goto (23 years old), who belongs to the post-processing unit Hidden of the demon slaughter corps. He usually does essential work for organizational management, such as medical treatment for injured soldiers and post-treatment of transportation and battles. The warm scene he showed is when he came to visit Kanjiro, who became seriously injured in the struggle of “Yukaku Hen”.

Goto brings high-class confectionery castella for Kanjiro, who has been asleep for two months. The reason is, “He seems to have a nice nose, so if you leave it nearby, it may happen.” While making it stylish, it makes you feel adults’ awareness around choosing high-class confectionery that is not easily damaged.

After that, when I found out that Kanjiro was regaining consciousness, Kurihana Ochi Kanawo, who was sitting silently next to me, said, “Isn’t (Kanjiro’s) regaining consciousness? “Call people!” “Everyone is worried.” I could feel the depth of my love for Sumijiro, and it was a very smiley scene.

“Kimetsu no Yaiba” where you can see various kinds of warmth. It seems that there are also reasons for being loved as a character, such as “natural”, “clumsy”, and “kindness”. What kind of scene is the warm location that left an impression on you when you read the work?

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