MAPPA: Mari Okada’s latest feature-length anime ‘Alice and Teres’s Maboroshi Factory’ will be produced by

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The first directorial work, “Let’s hold a promised flower in the morning of goodbye,” is the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival Gold Medal (Best Animation Award), 51st Siches Catalonia International Fantastic Film Festival Fantastic Discovery Category Best The production of the latest animated film “Alice and There’s Maboroshi Factory” directed by Mari Okada, which has received high acclaim both in Japan and overseas, such as receiving the feature film award, has been decided. The ban on unique news footage and teaser visuals has been lifted.

Director Okada has been active mainly as an anime scriptwriter since he first worked on the anime script for “DT Eightron” in 1998, and in 2011 he wrote the original and script. The TV anime “We still don’t know the name of the flower we saw that day. ] Is a big hit. He continued to expand the range of activities such as screenplays of novels and live-action works, original manga, and lyrics. He made his debut as an anime director in 2018 with “Let’s hold a promised flower in the morning of goodbye.”

Produced in the movie “In This Corner of the World” (2016), including the 40th Japan Academy Award for Best Animation Work and the 71st Mainichi Film Award for Excellence in Japanese Film, and many film awards at numerous film festivals. Award-winning studio MAPPA.

This is MAPPA’s first original theater work. Tadashi Hiramatsu as deputy director, Yuriko Ishii as character design and animation director, Kazuo Tochi is listed as an art director, and the primary staff of “Let’s hold the promised flower in the morning of goodbye” is reunited. Masaru Yokoyama, the music writer of the movie “Her Blue Sky,” written by director Okada, will play the music. The teaser starts with a scene with impressive detailed background art and a piano melody. The dynamism of the mind and body of boys and girls says, “The natural world ends by falling in love.” “A liar shepherd leads the dreamy boy who is separated from the flock.” The urge-Come on, expose it. Get it, feel the life.

“This is the unforgivable “first love fantasy story (fantasia).” It will increase with. In addition, fantasy elements such as an unknown existence running in the sky and a split night sky are incorporated, and the finish gives a feeling of overwhelming scale. The teaser visual depicts a boy and a girl snuggling up in a ruined place. It is beautiful but has some thorns, and the finish is like a painting that contains fantasy and reality.

In making this production decision, Director Okada said, “This” Alice and There’s Illusion Factory “is a story of boys and girls struggling in an ambiguous world fighting their destiny with their” love “as a weapon. I want to pursue an animated film that this team can only do, which is challenging but has legs. “

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