Sanrio’s ‘Bosa Maru’ TV animation & moving visual release Fuji Nonstop! Start broadcasting in April.

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Sanrio’s character “Bosa Maru” was made into a TV animation, and Fuji TV’s information program “Nonstop! ] (9:50 before Monday to Friday *Kanto local) announced that it will be broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting from April.

“Bosamaru” is a Sanrio character that debuted in 2021 and is an animal that recognizes diversity and chooses a way of life as it is. Popular. The anime will be a messy daily story centered around three “Bosamaru,” the newcomer “Bosusa,” the veteran “Bosaneko,” and the impatient “Bosahamuster.”

Before the broadcast, a newly drawn visual and the latest trailer that tells the story of the world were released.

In the newly drawn visual, the three main characters, Sakura the “Bosausa,” Kathy the “Bosaneko,” and Ran the “Bosahamuster,” are depicted in everyday scenery in which they are appropriately dressed and relaxed. In the trailer, you can see the movements of the “Bosamaru” and their world living in human society.

Character design is handled by Mr. Amy, such as “Gudetama.” The director is the anime “Atsumare! Everyone’s Conte Matsu-san!” and the movie “KING OF PRISM ALLSTARS-Prism Show☆Best Ten-.” The scripts are written by Hirotake Kumamoto (representative works: “Nao-chan is a third grader,” “April 1st’s house”) and Aya Satsuki (representative works: “Fushigi Dagashiya Zentendo,” “Mouippon!”). ), and Chihiro Amano (figurative works: Paper Rabbit Rope, Mrs. Noisy).

“Before you know it, the times have progressed, various bills have been enacted, and new winds are blowing. So what are animals doing that we don’t know about? It wouldn’t be strange for children who have begun to be interested in human society to appear. In this anime, Sakura, who realizes she is bored, interacts with Cathy and Ran and learned about the world. …. It’s important to have friends like this. I hope you can take it easy while thinking about what the Bosa Maru will do from now on.” Director: Isamu Ueno “

The time I’m Isamu Ueno, and I’m going to be the director of Bosa Maru. We’ve gathered an exciting staff led by the three screenwriters. Amy’s character has been around for a long time. I loved it and am happy to be involved in this anime. On the contrary, the cute Bosamarus… Sakura, Cathy, and Ran will heal and cheer me up while I work on this project. Enjoy the growth of the Bosamarus. Please look”

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