‘Mazinger Z’ dedicated to ‘Aniki’ Ichiro Mizuki Masterpiece cover performance by famous anisong singer

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A famous veteran singer in the anime song world gave a singing voice to the late Ichiro Mizuki. Sao Tairai, MIQ, Satoko Yamano, and Masato Arai performed at the “TWENTY’S 20th Century Anime Songs” concert in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, on the 25th.

A plan to cover songs that are no longer sung for various reasons, such as the singer’s death, retirement, or old age. Mizuki, who died last December at 74, was nicknamed “Aniki” and led the anisong world. In the NHK educational program “Okasan to Issho,” Taira, who took over from Mizuki as the song brother, was scheduled to perform with Mizuki at the canceled concert due to the corona disaster, “Ginga no Seishun.”

Sing Kantai Dairugger XV). MIQ, who co-starred in many anime songs live performances, covered Mizuki’s “Lupin the 3rd Ai no Theme”. Then, Yamano, Arai, and all the performers who were close friends sang “Mazinger Z” enthusiastically. Taira said that last summer was the last time she contacted him. is my chicken, so it’s okay.” MIQ recalled, “He pulled everyone along with his bossy nature. He was a gentleman and was kind to women,” remembering his personality.

At the same concert, each of them performed one song, and the cover songs were selected for each of them. Taira’s plans to be in charge of “Macross” and “Runner” (Super Dimension Fortress Macross) were suddenly changed, and MIQ took over Yodobashi Camera’s CM song for Poplar’s “SHOW ME YOUR OWN.”

SPACE~Show me your universe~” (Starzan S), Yamano covered “Koi no Shouwa wa Suki Toki Meki Tokis” (Sasuga no Sarutobi) when he was young, and Arai was produced by Ichiro Araki, the producer when he was at Pal. He sang “Kizudare no Eikou” (Ashita no Joe 2). Showa culture researcher Hikaru Kenmochi, who sponsored the project, also mimicked the voice and sang a famous song, saying, “I’m not a unison, but a patching.”

Main program lists “Gatchaman no Uta,” “L-Gaim -Time for L-GAIM,” “Not Anime,” “Doraemon Song,” “Resurrection Ideon,” “Tetsujin 28,” “Eight Man,” “Big X,” “Bokura no Uta” Perman” “GeGeGe no Kitaro” “Yokai Ningen Bem” “Shinobi no Theme” “Moomin” “Hana no Ataro” “Mach Go Go Go” “Microid S” “Mysterious Melmo” “Haikara-san passes “Kam Here! Daitarn 3” “Transformer 2010,” “Beyond Endless Darkness,” “Cobra,” “Secret Desire,” “Fly! Gundam” “STEP,” “Lam’s Love Song,” “L is Lovely,” “Love with You Present~” “Pajamas Jamada!” “Universe is a big change!” “Astro Boy”

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