BUMP OF CHICKEN’s ‘SOUVENIR’ to be the 2nd cool theme song of the popular anime ‘SPY x FAMILY’

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The four-member rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN’s new song “SOUVENIR” has been selected as the opening theme song for the second season of the popular TV Tokyo anime “SPY x FAMILY” (Saturday 11:00), which will be broadcast from October 1. It was announced on the official website of the program on the 15th.

BUMP OF CHICKEN, who was in charge of the opening theme song, said, “It was a work that all the members enjoyed reading, so I was very honored when I received the offer. I also watched the first season of the anime every week. So I was filled with anticipation for the 2nd cour, but at the same time, I felt that I had to do my best with the theme song,” he commented. Regarding the song, he said, “I wrote the feelings I feel for the listeners I meet at the live venue, likening them to the road leading to an important place.” “SOUVENIR” will be released on September 29, before the broadcast.

“SPY x FAMILY” is a story about a “disguised family” of spies, psychics, and killers, and the original was serialized in the manga app “Shonen Jump +” in 2019, and the cumulative circulation of the comic has exceeded 25 million copies. Record a big hit. It was made into an anime in April and is attracting much attention.

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