‘SD Gundam Battle Alliance’ experience meeting report

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BNE Entertainment held a media experience event for the “SD Gundam Battle Alliance” scheduled to be released on August 25. After that, I could pre-play the trial version of the work expected to be delivered from midnight on July 22, so let’s provide the report.

An action RPG features various mobile suits (MS) and characters from the “Mobile Suit Gundam” series. The historical facts have been distorted in “G: Universe,” a collection of multiple stories. This work develops a story that advances “Mission” and leads to “True Mission,” according to Masafumi. The MS that appears covers Gundam’s TV animation works such as “Mobile Suit Gundam” to “Gundam Reconguista in G” and “Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans,” and from “Warrior / Knight / Command SD Gundam Emergency Sortie” to Knight Gundam Etc. will also participate. In addition to a variety of participating works, the theme is each story itself, which leads them to the official history, so it is attracting attention from a wide range of generations of Gundam fans.

The player becomes the platoon leader who leads the joint front (battle alliance) of 3 aircraft in 1 platoon and challenges the mission with various MSs and pilots. This platoon is in the form of two players + CPU operation in offline play, but it also supports multiplayer and can proceed with missions with a team of up to three people.

At this trial session, a trial version for PS5 / PS4 of this work was prepared, and it was possible to play several missions solo and multiplayer. Here, let’s deliver the experience report.

As the title says, “SD Gundam,” the aircraft driven by the player will be a deformed MS, but a stylish SD MS that is popular in recent figures and plastic models has appeared. The model on the screen is soiled and damaged, and it is exciting every time a new aircraft appears. Moreover, the movement on PS5 was 60fps, and it was comfortable that the MS moved slimy.

The game is an action from the third person perspective, and it is an orthodox style in which each aircraft fights with different weapons. The tutorials on basic operations are also substantial, making it easy for anyone to enter. Each plane has “Infighter” (high HP, emphasis on fighting), “All-rounder” (emphasis on fighting & shooting balance), and “Shooter” (low HP, focus on shooting performance) rolls, and version and weapons. The action differs depending on the move, and the motion is set with a Keren taste. You should be able to enjoy a different sense of play for each mission and aircraft.

Five types of stages were prepared for this experience session. Still, here are the break missions “The Threat of Zeon” (“Mobile Suit Gundam”), “Kingdom Collapse” (“New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing”), and “Future” Three stages of “Reward” (“Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans”) are selected.

In the first “Zeon Threat” played, the enemy MS unit attacked the immobile White Base, so the purpose was to prevent it. Level 5 Gundam Barbatos (6th form) is selected as the player machine. In addition to Guncannon and Guntank, Zaku II F type and Dom can be chosen as wingmen. It is a feature you can sortie with your favorite mixed unit regardless of the affiliation.

In the mission, while MSV aircraft such as Zaku Tank and Zaku Cannon appeared, Ramba Ral’s unit driving Gouf appeared … I thought the plane was a crescent moon Augustus Gundam Barbatos (6th) Form). At the moment when history is distorted by the “history break phenomenon,” by defeating these Barbatos, true history begins to move.

Gundam Barbatos (6th form) is an infighter and mainly attacks with a giant wrench mace equipped in his hand. As a characteristic action of this work, there is a “continuous attack action,” and you can use multiple weapons to make a combo that hits enemies continuously. Still, the infighter is the leading person, Gundam, with a wrench mace. Barbatos (6th form) has a long reach as a fighting attack, and its destructive power is also outstanding. In addition to simple combinations, there are exhilarating combos, such as hitting the “launch attack” with a dedicated button and launching a combo in the air, making it fun to operate. Of course, there are guards and steps, and if you use them consciously, you can also perform “just step” and “just guard,” If you firmly acquire these operations and understand the aircraft performance, you will be able to master the action further. I felt a response.

In the next mission, Dom and Guncannon were selected and set out. Dom is also an infighter and mainly attacks with a heat saber. I also have a giant buzz, but it was pretty tricky to use because I could only shoot in front of it. The impression is that it is a weapon for restraint to bring it into close quarters battle and, conversely, for catching up.

On the other hand, Guncannon is an all-rounder who thinks it is a shooter, and while it has easy-to-use weapons such as beam rifle, shoulder cannon, and napalm for primary shooting, close combat is not weak at all, especially treated this time. It was an easy aircraft.

In the trial play, I also experienced multiplayer. A hate line visualizes who is aiming at the enemy and who is chasing the enemy, whose combo is decided by the continuous attack action in the style that up to 3 players form a platoon and challenge the mission. If you play while communicating with each other, such as covering each other concerns, you should be able to enjoy more tactical gameplay.

If you proceed with the mission and the level of the pilot rises, you will be able to acquire new skills in the aircraft, and if you have the obtained “blueprint,” you will be able to introduce a new aircraft. Some elements strengthen the plane with “capital” and “expansion parts,” and it seems possible to expand the field of specialty of the roll and conversely cover the weak part. Still, it will be possible to try them in this trial play. There wasn’t. The fastest play pattern of this work is distributed on YouTube’s Gundam channel, so please refer to that as well.

I’m also curious about the story of the episodes crossing the aircraft of nearly 30 Gundam works, but first of all, it’s a good feeling that it’s fun to operate the MS and fight as an action game. If you can get the blueprint, it is also a point that you can add it to the force regardless of the power, and you can expect to meet your favorite aircraft. You may have different tastes because it is SD Gundam, but there is no doubt that the mechanical depiction and direction full of Keren taste will hit the points of many Gundam fans, so I recommend you to play it.

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