ROHAN’s new series, ROHAN Revision

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We made Online Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Jongju Choi, from now on referred to as Wemade Online) announce plans to start service and release a teaser site for the new PC MMORPG “ROHAN Revision.”

ROHAN Revision as a new title
The new title “ROHAN Revision” in the “ROHAN” series will start service as a game different from the currently operating “Shinsei ROHAN.” “ROHAN Revision” follows the same worldview and basic game system as “New ROHAN,” but changes have been made to emphasize playability as “a game that is more modern.”

What is ROHAN Revision?

In-game screenshot. In particular, details such as each menu window have also changed.

“ROHAN Revision” is characterized by a game system based on “ROHAN” currently in service overseas, not “New ROHAN.” Since “Shinsei ROHAN” has undergone many adjustments unique to Japan, including elements that are important for game balance, “ROHAN Revision” will allow you to experience a different world that is somewhat different from “Shinsei ROHAN.” I can do it.

In addition, elements that have been difficult to introduce due to the “differences in specifications” between Japan and overseas have been submitted.

9th new race Aesir

A new race was implemented for the first time in 7 years since the last Trinity.

As a significant addition to “ROHAN Revision,” a new angel-like race, “Esir,” will appear. As you can see, “Esir” specializes in support-type skills and is a race that uses axes and blunt weapons as weapons. As for the second job change, there is a magic warrior type, “Embra,” that uses blunt weapons and magical attacks, and a “Whisper” that mainly uses physical attacks using axes.

In addition to a wealth of support skills, both secondary transfer classes excel in the balance of offense and defense, as they can also learn offensive skills.

Also, like “Trinity,” “Esir” is a race with a unique game start scenario, and you can start at a high level immediately after creation. For those who want to play “ROHAN Revision” using races other than “Aesir” such as “Human” and “Elf,” let’s experience “Aesir”!

Changes by ROHAN Revision

Features that are commonplace in recent MMORPGs but not in “Shinsei ROHAN” are finally implemented.

In “ROHAN Revision,” in addition to the movement operation “click movement” in “New ROHAN,” a movement method with the “WASD key” implemented in the North American server has been added, enabling more detailed movement operations. I’m here.

In addition, convenience has been dramatically improved, such as adding an automatic sorting function for items in the inventory, adding a filter function, and checking the type and expiration date of the currently applied talisman from the character information menu.

‚Äč”New ROHAN” image with glow effect applied on the left, “ROHAN Revision” image on the right

In addition to the UI design, we have also improved the graphics, such as improving the texture resolution of equipment, terrain, backgrounds, etc., and making the overall lighting brighter and more transparent. In addition, changes not found in “New ROHAN” are planned for elements related to the costume and battle system.

The teaser site will be released.

A teaser site that will provide information, including the service start date of “ROHAN Revision,” will be released soon. So please pay attention to the start of the new “ROHAN” series!

Click here for ROHAN’s official website

About WeMade Online Co., Ltd. Wemade Online was established in March 2004, and its main business is publishing PC online games. In April 2010, it became a member of the “We Made Co., Ltd.” group, which develops and publishes online games in South Korea, and aims for further growth. Increase. In terms of PC online games, we offer New ROHAN'',SilkRoad Revolution” and “Soulworker” under the GAMEcom brand.

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