She completed the manga ‘Zettai Karen Children,’ a popular work serialized in about 16 years, and was also animated.

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The popular manga ” Zettai Karen Children ” (abbreviation: Zetsu Chiru, author: Takashi Shiina ), which has also been made into TV animation, has reached its final episode in the serialized magazine “Weekly Shonen Sunday” (Shogakukan) No. 33 released on the 14th. From the start of the serialization in 2005, the curtain has come to an end in the history of about 16 years. (* Serialized for a short time in 2004)

It is set in the 21st century when the ever-increasing number of Esper has become the key to international competition such as military, diplomatic, and economic.

Only three people have been confirmed in Japan. A story in which three girls, Kaoru, Aoi, and Shiho, who are the strongest super-level (ability level) espers who have not been done, solve complex cases as special esper ” The Children. ” A sci-fi action comedy by 10-year-old girls with tremendous abilities and 20-year-old scientist Minamoto, who is the field chief of children.

The serialization started in 2005, and the junior high school and high school students are serialized even though there is a suspension period. It has become a popular work made into a TV animation (2008) and a game.

The comics have been released up to the 61st volume, 62 volumes will be released on the 16th, and the final 63 books will be released on September 17th.

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