Shugo Tokumaru, in charge of music for the anime ‘Chikawa.’

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Shugo Tokumaru will be in charge of the music for the TV anime “Chikawa,” which will start broadcasting on Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV” on April 4th (Monday).

“Ishikawa” is a manga series posted on Twitter by illustrator Nagano from 2020. The gap between small and cute characters such as “Chikawa” and the severe worldview has become popular, and the number of followers on the Twitter account (@ngnchiikawa) has exceeded 890,000.

Before the anime broadcast, Tokumaru commented, “I hope you enjoy it with some strange music.” In addition, Haruka Aoki, Masato Tanaka, and Ari Ozawa will appear as voice actors in “Chikawa”.

Shugo Tokumaru Comment
What will happen to those “chiikawa” during the morning tea ?! I can’t help but look forward to it. We hope you enjoy it with some unusual music.

Haruka Aoki (role of Chiikawa) Comment
“Chikawa” is a delicate and sometimes crying character, but it’s a kind and cute character. I think everyone will love “Chikawa” who can care for their friends. There are lots of delicious foods in the anime! I was hoping you could pay attention to that as well!

Comment by Masato Tanaka (role of Hachiware)
“Hachiware” is a bright, kind, friend-friendly character who can make friends with anyone immediately. I want many people to see the small movements that cannot be seen in the manga, the changes in facial expressions and feelings of “Hachiware,” and the fun and friendly play with “Chikawa” and “Rabbit”!

Comment by Ari Ozawa (Rabbit)
“Rabbit” is a character loved by many people, so I’m trying my best to post-record it. If you can see the “Rabbit” moving around and laugh, I hope you will be energized! The animated “Chikawa” is cute, so please look forward to it!

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