Simultaneous release of ‘Silence Fleet’ at IMAX! 8 new scene photos capturing the enthusiastic performance of the gorgeous cast

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Takao Osawa starred in ” Silence no Kantai, “a movie adaptation of Kaiji Kawaguchi’s popular manga, which will be screened simultaneously in IMAX from September 29th. At the same time, an IMAX version poster and eight new scene photos full of tension were also unveiled.

The original was serialized in “Morning” (published by Kodansha) from 1988 to 1996, and the cumulative circulation exceeded 32 million copies (paper / electronic). At the time of serialization, the theme that cut sharply into taboo caused controversy in various fields and caused a social phenomenon, such as being talked about in the Diet. In the movie version, Osawa plays the main character, Shiro Kaieda, and serves as the producer, with Kohei Yoshino (” Haken Anime! “) taking the megaphone.

In the waters near Japan, a Maritime Self-Defense Force submarine collided with the Yonehara submarine and sank. It is reported that 76 people, including Captain Kaieda, died, but the crew survived. The accident was a camouflage operation to have them board the high-performance nuclear submarine “Sea Bat” built-in top secret by the Japanese and US governments. Kaieda, who boasts the best maneuvering of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, was appointed as the captain of “Sea Bat,” which belonged to the US fleet. However, he loaded nuclear missiles on “Sea Bat” and suddenly rebelled and fled. He declares an independent fighting state, “Yamato,” with himself as the head of state to the whole world.

The United States recognized “Yamato” as a nuclear terrorist and gathered the Pacific Fleet to sink it. The MSDF diesel ship “Tatsunami” chases after “Yamato” before the United States. The captain, Hiroshi Fukamachi ( Hiroshi Tamaki ), had an extraordinary feeling for Kaieda due to a past maritime accident.

From September 29th, the regular version will be released in 333 theaters nationwide, and the IMAX version will be released in 49 theaters. In IMAX, you can experience the quality that the production team has been particular about, with clear images projected on a large screen and high-precision sound that makes you feel like you are in a submarine.

At the same time, a poster that captures the huge nuclear submarine “Sea Bat” is also completed. It is cut out to dive at maximum speed with the momentum of blowing off the marine snow that falls in the deep sea. For the first time in a Japanese movie, pay attention to the decisive submarine action that combines a real submarine filmed with the cooperation of the Maritime Self-Defense Force Submarine Force and Japan’s leading VFX technology.

You can glimpse the gorgeous cast’s passionate performance in the new scene photos. While shaking hands with the US Navy’s Colonel Ryan, Kaieda tries to declare the founding of the independent combat state “Yamato” and Fukamachi boarding “Yamato” to stop him from running out of control. Furthermore, under the command of Fukamachi, the inside of the “Tatsunami” with Vice Commander Takako Hayami ( Asami Mizukawa ) and sonarman Eiichi Nanba ( Yusuke Santamaria), and Soji Irie ( Tomoya Nakamura ) who is struggling to deal with a marine accident. ) also. Chief Cabinet Secretary Wataru Kaibara ( Yosuke Eguchi ), Minister of Defense Hitomi Sonezaki ( Yui Natsukawa ), Prime Minister Toshio Takegami ( Takashi Sasano ), and other political figures, newscaster Ichigaya appeals with a strong will. Hiromi ( Aya Ueto ) and other people caught up in Kaieda’s motives are cut out.

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