‘Yukaku Hen’ The original ‘bonus page’ was animated or not animated. The backside of the slapstick is.

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I was screamed and surprised, and the backside was also very.

The anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen” reached its final episode on February 13, 2022. The original book’s contents corresponding to the last page of Volume 11 from the middle of Volume 8 have been animated. The central part of the animation also included the contents of the illustration drawn as a “bonus page” of the book. Also, unfortunately, there was an extra page that wasn’t animated. Let’s see which part was animated.

The landlady screams at Sumijiro for having “bruises.”

Sumijiro was bought by the proprietress who was hit by the sound pillar, Umeda Tengen’s color man, but after entering the store, he found that there was a scratch on his face (bruises on his forehead), and he said, “Such a scratch. If there is, there will be no customers. “

In the anime, the face of Kanjiro, who was grabbed by his hair and swung around, was comically depicted as being crushed and stretched like a rice cake. The cry of Sumijiro makes it hard to hear the landlady’s words. The owner stopped such a landlady, saying, “No, she can’t help this child.”

This scene is based on the bonus illustration of Volume 9 of the book. After all, the master who is angry with his eyes exposed and the master who is stopping, Kanjiro screaming “Ah” is drawn.

He had a scar on his face and was treated like a loser in the Yukaku, but his diligence makes him valuable. In the third episode of the anime, “Who?”, He was praised by the proprietress for cleaning the corridors and cleaning the flowers.

This scene is also based on the illustration of Volume 9. In the picture, the proprietress praised Kanjiro, who sparkled his eyes and asked for his next job.

Inoko who is surprised by a strange pose

In the third episode, “Who?”, Inoko = Inosuke, who chases the demon, blows off the bran and makes a fuss about making a hole in the wall. The woman at the store who saw it went to pay attention to Inosuke, saying, “I have to make it tight once.”

She was surprised at the woman who opened the door of the futon room where Inosuke was, saying, “A little Inoko!” Yosuke was thinking like a shrimp warp. Yosuke warps even more than the shrimp warp and looks like a shachihoko in Nagoya.

“What are you doing!” The woman who saw her breathed involuntarily. Yosuke was concentrating on searching for demons.

The original story of this scene was drawn on the bonus page of the 72nd episode of the 9th volume of the book. The situation is a little different on the bonus page, but it’s the same that women are surprised.

After this, Inosuke got up with a movement like breakdancing in the anime. It’s a scene where a little book illustration fits perfectly into an anime.

Next, let’s look at the bonus page of “Yukaku Hen” that was not drawn in the animation.

Behind the battle at the Yukaku … What happened at “Swordsmith Village”?

State of crow corps

In the “Yukou Hen,” Kasugai and the “crow corps” were also very difficult. The situation is depicted in the illustration on the bonus page of the 10th volume of the book.

Kasugai Crow of Sumijiro started fighting the fallen princess by himself, so he hurriedly said, “Madoka, Madoka Pillar Ha!” While sweating cold. Zhenyi’s sparrow Chuntaro, Kotou Kogi, does not know that Zhenyi was rescued by Inosuke and is looking for it with tears.

The crows are rushing around, but Inosuke’s crows are calm because they follow Inosuke correctly. This is a smiley bonus page where the crows, the exact opposite of their masters, are doing their best.

After that, the ginseng who found goodness and ran together on the battlefield is also recorded as an illustration on the bonus page. In addition, Kasugai Crow of Umeda is also flashy and is said to be a fashion leader in the crow world.

A change in “Swordsmith Village”! ??

Mr. Kotetsuzuka has an excessive passion for swords. Even in the early part of “Yukou Hen,” I was furious and chased Kanjiro, who broke his sword.

Sumijiro will spill the sword made by Mr. Kotetsuzuka when I slashed at the fallen princess and cut off her obi. The lost princess was inward, and she thought, “She was well separated.” However, the lost princess provokes Sumijiro without saying her true intentions.

“Your sword is already smashed, and it wasn’t the swordsmith who hit it.”

Of course, Sumijiro denies it. “No! The person who hit this sword is a great person !! He is a good swordsmith.”

In addition to the 77th episode “Wriggle” in the 9th volume of the book containing this conversation, there is an illustration of Mr. Kotetsuzuka sneezing with “Hekuchi.”

Did he sneeze because he was rumored? However, when Mr. Kotetsuzuka, furious when his sword is hurt, finds out that he has spilled his blade, something terrifying is likely to happen.

The extra edition that was not animated was “Inosuke Otogi Zoshi.”

The extra edition “Inosuke Otogi-zoshi” is a story that was not animated this time. In the one-shot published in “Shonen Jump GIGA 2017 vol.4”, after the 10th volume of the book, the 88th episode “How to defeat” in which Zeni and Inosuke join the Umeda fighting with Yutaro and Kojiro. It is recorded. Inosuke’s past is depicted, revealing a mystery.

In “Swordsmith’s Village,” which was decided to be made into TV animation, Inosuke appeared only in the early and late stages. I wonder when “Inosuke Otogi-zoshi” will be animated in the future.

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